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Now you're gone

I realize my love for you was strong

And I miss you here now

You're gone

I've been waiting here by

The phone with

Your pictures hanging on the wall

Is this the way it's meant to be

Only dreaming that you're missing me

I'm waiting here at home

I'll be crazy now you're gone

There's an empty place in my heart

It won't alarm me it will break apart

It won't heal, it never fades away

I'll be thinking bout you everyday

Basshunter- Now you're gone

Her body shudders as she heaves out another sob. The salty tears leave a track as they flow down her face, the face of a young beautiful girl who is unmistakably suffering. The pillar supporting her body is not enough so she slumps down slowly and painfully trying but failing to suppress her emotions. A whimper escapes her mouth followed by a gut wrenching cry. The only audible words heard are the repetitive 'oh god', words that are uttered with agony and torment pleading to god to take this burden off her shoulders. She prepares her body for phase two; the silent tears. This time the tears flow down rapidly whilst she lets out the occasional hiccup. Her slim frail shoulders shake violently so she curls herself up into a foetal position. Her shiny blonde hair covers her face some strands sticking to her wet tear filled face. Her tiny hand holds a crumpled paper and on closer view it is apparent that the paper is a letter, the bearer of the bad news.

The logo of the western union is visible. The letter addressed to a Mrs Lily McKenzie. The rest of the letter is crumbled in her small fists only the first line visible – 'we are deeply grieved to inform you Lieutenant Jack McKenzie was killed in action…' it is evident the girl is the Mrs Lily McKenzie as it is evident the Jack McKenzie in question is her husband, a man she must love very dearly.

It was at sixteen Lily met Jack, Jack was the guy she loved to hate even though he was the epitome of gorgeous and intelligent personified. It was at seventeen that both realised their squabbles were not out of intense dislike but the complete opposite and ever since that age Jack and Lily had been what others would call a 'couple' but the two of them they knew what they had between them could not be described as merely 'couple-y'. They lived life together happily (even though they fought they enjoyed it after all the making up part was worth it) but Lily's world came crashing down when Jack decided it was his duty to help out his country. Although Jack hated the idea of leaving Lily he knew he had too so he made other plans which were to make Lily his, officially, and so he proposed. At the tender age of nineteen Lily blissfully married her 'one' - twenty one year old Jack. Sure she got to see Jack very rarely but when she did she was the happiest girl alive.

And now twenty two year old Lily lies on the floor weeping for the love she now has lost. She clutches her stomach as she realises her pain and foetal position is harming her unborn baby. Letting out a small smile she sits up thinking at least she has another half of Jack, but when she realises her seven months baby is going to be without a father her tears flow once again and a whimper escapes. Her dainty hands clutch her head as she rocks back and forth. The paper is scrunched into a ball and flung into a far corner of the room. She throws a half hearted glare at the ball as if blaming the paper for her anguish. Her body launches once again into the body shaking, gut wrenching sobs which makes her fail to notice the door has opened.

A tall blonde haired grey eyed man lopes into the room, worry etched on his handsome face. Lily looks up on hearing the swift footsteps, a tear escapes her blue eyes and her face wears the expression of a lost wounded deer. The man takes the girl into his arms and this time she loses it; trembling and crying hysterically into his arms. He strokes her hair and whispers soothing words into her ears. The clichéd best friend who loves her as much as she loves the other man watches in despair as Lily all but crumbles.