Grasping Smoke

Fierce, startling eyes dance impromptu

overtures. Soft, rounded edges that curve disconsolately,

realizing the cornered nature of this sickly hibiscus

blossom. Stalked, with clouded leopard markings

in a shadowed green background.

Doe-footed worries streak, beige and unseen, crackling

deciduous twigs upon my forest floor,

entering unnoticed, wondering at my owned doomed


And beneath this twisting corkscrew motion,

(note the recurving pendulum slide)

desire crackles with red static lightning.

Scythe-eyes, a deep and wondering tawny-brown

chase now these

antlered phantasms, across the vast distances. Away from its

reclusive Myanmar leaves, steam and colored flowers

entering the deer-home in the secrets of Appalachia.

Dreaming in deep colors, I ache, am inspired.