If I knew what had happened,

I would have tried,

If I knew all along,

You wouldn't be sad.

So at the end of the long day, we all sat on top of the grassy hill, looking down on the town we had struggled living in for our whole life. It was not a nice town, and it was full of the type of people that would take any chance just to prove that your different than them. What would happen to us in the future was unknown and what happened in the past has tried to be forgotten. I just decide to keep my mouth shut, to try to make this moment last. I looked down at the town. I looked at the girl by my side, and gave her a slight kiss, but she seemed distracted, I decided to ask but she gave no answer. What was wrong?

Who lives up there?

No one has ever looked,

Because they are all scared,

Of what they might find,

Of what they might not find,

Is the primal fear.

We walked back together, she had seemed to cheer up. I didn't feel like talking, and I could tell she didn't either, but we both struggled to try to make this the happiness moment possible. Just because me and her knew something that the rest of the world didn't know but desperately needed to. I don't even know if it is true but we still walk, just counting down the time, I finally tell her, "I love you." She smiles while I wait for a reply.

I think you are sweet,

Nice, beautiful and fine,

I think you rule,

Me, my heart, and everything else.

I don't even know if my prediction is true because it all happened in a dream, I have been having these dreams for weeks saying that the world would end 11:59 tonight, and I believe them. Because of my dreams I met the most beautiful person ever. In my dreams I was told to come to this exact path we walk on, and that we would survive and have an eternal life, just me and her. I was so happy when I first heard that news. I feel bad for not saving everyone else, but everyone had made my life so hard, so I guess I can end there's.

The sunlight was nice,

And so was your eyes,

This time I really need to know,

If you love me.

In our last minute on this world, we both confess our confessions and tell our secrets, we tell each other it will be forever, we look at each other as we both cry, as we both feel that my dreams where true. She tells me she is glad she met me, I told her I was glad that we would be together forever. She smiled and I smiled back, as we looked at her watch, it was set off the real time, so it was accurate. 11:58, the seconds seemed to last forever, but the clock soon ticked over. To the time we had been waiting for.

Crashing down, to the edge,

Crashing down to the bottom.

Look at us all for apart,

Look at us all burn.

Nothing happened, it was all false belief. The clock soon changed to 12:00, so we where in trouble, the world didn't end, and we didn't survive. So we began to walk off the path both disillusion and relief. So we weren't the ones who where meant to survive, we walked through the grass. We just wanted to get away from that path. The path my dreams told me would save us both. We walked past a river, and through some awful puddles. We still had the world to bother us, but at least we had each other. I must have been a crazy person with weird dreams, but at least I had her to look at. But that was when we heard some weird sounds, we soon realised that these unearthly sound must be the end, the end of it all. So we ran towards the path holding each others hands, I made it onto the path but sadly she was just behind me. Now I am here all alone, with no world to bother me, and without her to be by my side.

Run, if you must run,

Hide if you must hide,

Your past always comes back,

But tonight it ends here.