She combs her hair,

She puts on her dress,

She tries on her shoes,

Then she shed a tear,

She looked great,

The day of her wedding,

The day her dreams come true,

She was beautiful on the outside,

But her heart was dirty,

And she knew it,

She could be forgiven,

And she liked that chance,

She wasn't a believer,

She just wasn't plain sure.

Things just always seemed easy for her,

A popular girl at school,

And a girl who grew into a working woman.

Her parents where rich,

And always gave her what she wanted.

She looks in the mirror once again.

She begins to walk to her future,

To walk to a day that she's wanted,

A perfect day.

She walks out to see a strange looking man,

Not the man she's about to marry.

He has a suit and a sad expression on his face,

He tells her the news,

News that she didn't want to hear,

The reason why no one turned up,

The reason why the groom didn't turn up,

She runs back into her room,

She gives a large scream,

She smashes the mirror,

And tears off her dress.

She picks up a shard of glass,

And puts it to her neck,

She falls to the ground,

A poor, naked girl laying dead on the floor,

If only instead of the glass,

She had picked up a book,

A book to show her the way,

A book to clean her heart,

If only she had made the right choice.

If only.