You have hurt me

So many times.

I don't know If I can forgive you,

Any longer.

I cant keep living,

With these feelings I have.

I don't have the strength,

To move forward,

To keep my emotions,

Hidden from you,

From anyone.

It is to hard to run,

To hard to hide.

From everything I know.

About you,

About us.

Why does life have to be so damn hard?

Why is it so complicated,

So hard to understand?

It keeps it secrets,

Locked away.

From everyone and everything,

That seeks them.

I have become immune,

To the hurt,

That you seem to throw my way.

I cant fathom,

What I am doing wrong.,

Why cant make u see,

How good I am for you?

How good we are for each other?

What am I not giving?

I need to know!

I have nothing left.

But my words.

All of my love,

My heart,

My soul.

It all belongs to you,

And yet I can still see,

The guilt,

The pity,

The pain in your eyes.

Is this all you feel?

The only emotions you have for me?

Can I gain nothing else from you?

I never had a chance,

Did I?

I never could compete,

With the one you still love,

Though he has moved on,

You haven't.

I see now,

We will never be.

And I'm sorry to say,

That I hope you can find happiness,

With broken hearts.

Maybe then you will realize,

What could have been.

What still can be.