Dark Solitude

A/N: I guess this is my first attempt at writing an actual poem. Reading it over, I think it kind of reads like a song. And though it just came to me promptly as I was sitting down doing nothing, I hope that you can somehow interpret this in your own way and tell me what you think. If you happen to enjoy this, hooray! P.s. Becuase this was my first attempt at poem writing, my use of punctuation is a little off. If you have any suggestions, by any means, please share!

No matter how hard I try,

The fragments will never become one again.

Lost in a world of darkness,

Where is the light that illuminates my path?

If I keep running,

Will I eventually find you again-

You who holds the last fragment of my fragile heart?

Lost in a world of emptiness,

I am left without guidance.

No voice calls out my name,

No arms to embrace me.

Can I continue to live on,

Holding the remnants of my broken soul,

Forever residing inside the darkness that is myself,

Alone in a world of eternity.