A Warm Winter

It was a cold afternoon. The day was said to be the coldest of the year. Despite the weather, there were many people roaming around the streets. It was not surprising, for the month was December, and Christmas was only days away. It was apparent that a large amount of people had yet to finish their shopping.

A few steps from the confusion and pandemonium was the park. It was quiet there; the children were missing, probably in their homes, sipping a warm cup of hot chocolate. The birds, that were usually pecking the ground, were not there either. What was there was a man. He was seated on the bench, behind the frozen fountain.

He wore a red hat on his long, golden hair, a red scarf, and mittens to match. He looked no different from the people on the streets—cold, shivering and blue.

He did nothing but look at the sky, his small, grey eyes focused on the moving clouds. His arms were wrapped around him, as if to give warmth. Tears were gathering at the corner of his eyes, and slowly, he felt them trickle down his cheeks.

And for a short while, he didn't move from his position.

He put down his head as he heard a thump-like noise. He brought his hands to his eyes to wipe away the tears and turned his head from side to side to look where the noise, that was getting louder, came from.

To his surprise, he found a young man.

The other wore white earmuffs over. On his neck was a black scarf with two dangling pompom-like tassels. The accessory matched his outfit—a white sweater and black pants. And below his bright blue eyes…was a smile.

The blond man looked surprised to find the other holding an ice cream cone; he wondered why the brunet would eat such a food on this weather. He stared for a while, not saying anything. He felt mesmerized by the eyes that resembled the calm sea.

The brunet's smile widened. He leaned down and handed the cone to the sitting man. Then, he said something that took the blond by surprise.

The blond's surprised expression slowly changed into a smile. He gently took the cone, brought it to his face, and took a lick from the frozen dessert.

"Thank you. I will." He gave the man another smile.

The other man nodded and waved him goodbye before running off to the busy streets. The blond waved back, the smile still visible on his face.

And despite the cold cream that he ate, he felt warmth in his heart.

He felt the tears again, and for some reason, he could not stop them. They rolled down his cheeks, and slowly fell on the scoop of ice cream.

His eyes may have looked sad, but he knew…Deep down in his heart, that he was glad. His smile had proved that.

Someone still cared.

And all because of a kind stranger, he felt happy and content.

Now, it did not matter to him that he was to die the next day.

"Here. I thought you looked hungry. I'm sorry, it's the only food I have. I would keep you company, but my mother's waiting for me. I hope you get well soon, I can tell you have the same illness as my mother."

a/n:betad by crizarah. The intention was warm and fuzzy, but it ended up being dramatic.

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