I know,

But Why?

He's using you.

He's playing you.

He doesn't love you.

He never did,

He never will,

And It's ridiculous.

Let go.

He's Not worth it.

He was never worth it.

He will never be worth it.

He's not worth your tears,

He's not worth your time,

He's not worth your effort.

Or your care,

Or your "love."

And I hate it.

I hate how you waste

Your life away for him.

I don't want him,

I'm not trying to get him.

But I am trying to break you up.

Because I can't stand to see girls used.

I can't stand to see girls abused.

And no,

He hasn't hit you.

But he might as well have.

Let go.

Let go of him.

And his attitude.

Because it's ridiculous.

And it makes me angry.

I want to hurt him.

I want to.

But you're so deluded,

You won't even break up.

With him,

And his attitude,

And the pain he puts you through.

But it'd hurt you

If I hurt him.

And you wouldn't break up with him.

You'd say he'd need you.

You'd say I'm wrong.

You'd say you love him more than ever.

So I Won't.

I won't hurt him.

But maybe,


I will.

When you understand what kind

Of Loser he really is.

I hate scum like him.

Just so you know.

And it's not your fault.

Know it's not your fault.

You're the victim.

The victim.

And if he was hurt,

That sucks for him.

If he was once the victim,

Too bad.

Because that's no excuse.

Now he's hurting others.

Hurting you.

And you are the victim.

I don't blame you.

I am angry you don't see,

That you don't get it,

That you are still there-

But you are blinded.

So I calm down,

And hate the situation.

It really is the situation.

And maybe even him.

So I hate the situation,

And the man-


He isn't even human-

And that thing,

Who foolishly-


Thinks that he's worthy of you.

You are hurt.

And you will continue to get hurt.

And that's the point.

Unless you let go.

You are worth more than this.


Just know,

That you are worth so much more than him.

More than what he gives you.

More than what you give yourself.

You deserve someone so much better.

Someone you who doesn't hurt you.

Someone who doesn't abuse you.

You are worth the care,

You are worth the effort,

And time,

And tears.

Because you're amazing.

And wonderful.

And special,

And beautiful.

All on your own.

So free yourself.

Get rid of your chains.

You don't want to.

You're scared.

But you must.

I know I don't know you.

I don't know the "truth."

Or the lies he feeds you.

I don't understand.

I don't understand.

But you don't know me.

And you don't understand,

That you need to leave.

And that you need to

Meet someone who does love you.

And always will love you.

Like you deserve to be loved.