When I heard your voice,
shivers ran up and down my spine.
Making the horrible picture I made u into,

Too difficult to hate you,
I long to turn and run from you.
When I close my eyes i can see myself with you,
I wish I couldn't.

I know the games you play.
You have a Monopoly on my heart.
It is bankrupt,
but I refuse to sell.

Wondering if telling you this,
would make a difference.
Knowing that telling you this,
would kill my soul.

I'm not the type to get hung up.
Or am I,
Can running be the best solution?

Wanting to be with you,
makes me sick.
I thought hating you would be the easy way out.
Its apparent now it was only a distraction.

Why does this not end for me,
when it so brilliantly ended for you long ago.

Yet I stay on this track,
searching for an exit.
Finding detours, that just don't help.

Time can't find a short cut.
I was never patient and can't start now.
You would think 7 months would present an opportunity.
Then again 9 months that meant the world,
now mean nothing.