A/N: Warnings are my usual ones. MxM and...that's all, really. Fluff. A bad, spur-of title because I can't think of anything else. It's just a short little fluff piece.

Darren sighed and wondered, again, why he even bothered trying to go to dance clubs. He certainly couldn't do much with the throng of people there, obviously, and Lorenzo just refused to move.

Sighing again, he wheeled closer to Lorenzo, who was sort of just sitting there looking horribly uncomfortable. That was one way to interpret the look on his face, anyway. "Do you just want to go?"

"God yes!" Lorenzo practically jumped out of his chair. He might have bolted for the door too, but he was a good boyfriend and waited until Darren navigated out of the crowd.

When they were out of the club and could speak without screaming, Darren turned again. "Well that was a waste."

"What was it a waste of?" Lorenzo flicked Darren on the head. "You get us in free."


"So we will do other things. The night, she is still young. But not jailbait, because that would be weird and creepy even though we are not interested in girls."

Darren snickered despite himself. "Goof," he said affectionately. "I'd hit you, but I can't reach."

Lorenzo obediently leaned over, like always. Darren swatted him, then grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled Lorenzo into a kiss. They parted grinning and headed back to the car to make their way back home.

Once inside the apartment, Lorenzo headed to the kitchen to whip together some dinner while Darren grabbed a shower. Fifteen minutes later, staring at the meal Lorenzo had "thrown together," Darren said incredulously, "and yet you still can't manage to make a boxed cake mix." It had been a morning disaster.

"Shut up. That's why I have you. I am nutrients, you are sweet-tooth."

Grinning, Darren replied, "Point. You'd never survive without my famous desserts anyway."

"This is truth. Now," Lorenzo spread his arms towards the dinner, "Eat and appreciate me."

Sometimes Darren couldn't figure out whether or not Lorenzo did that on purpose.

An hour later found them both watching TV on the couch-some old movie they'd already seen a few times. Darren's mind was already wandering, so for him it wasn't totally out of nowhere when he asked, "so why don't you dance? You're your normal, loud self up until the minute we get in a club, and then you clam up all shyest virgin on the planet. And I know you like to move and you are so far from either of those things. Explain."

Lorenzo shrugged. "I don't know how to dance."

"Oh for-have you seen half the people at clubs? None of them can dance. Doesn't stop them."

"Fine, I don't know how to dance except for one way. And it is embarrassing and I would not do it in front of people."

"Wait a minute..." Darren looked at Lorenzo, suspicious. "Does this have anything to do with the times I've come home to a locked bedroom and music blasting out from under the doorway?"

"No. Be quiet." Lorenzo glared and turned to stare resolutely at the TV. "You're making me miss the hypnosis."

"We've watched this like three times," Darren replied, refusing to be deterred now. "There was that one song you played a lot. What was it-se la something?"

"C'est la vie," Lorenzo muttered. "No more talking. The subject, she has died."

"Nope, don't think so. Not a murderer." Easing off the couch, Darren wheeled over to grab his charging laptop.

Lorenzo eyed him nervously. "What are you doing?"

"What do you think?" Darren turned back to Lorenzo and smiled. "I'm getting the song."

"What! Why? No-do not tell me. Also no."

"You'll do this dance by yourself but not in front of me?"

"It is embarrassing!"

Darren raised an eyebrow. "Then why do it at all?"


"That's why we go to the gym."

"Different exercise then! No more talking now."

He turned the TV off. "You know that the only reason you're trying so hard to avoid this is because I'm going to keep on it."

"Yes," Lorenzo muttered. "But sometimes I win and then you stop."

"True. But not this time." He moved back to the couch and presented the living room floor. "Come on, please? I really want to see. You've got me all curious now."

Lorenzo wavered. "I am not that good at it yet. I did not want to-"


A pause. Then, "If you even look like you're going to laugh..."

"I will absolutely not laugh," Darren said, face solemn.

Lorenzo sighed. "All right. Fine. This once."

Grinning, Darren pulled himself back onto the couch and set the laptop next to him, gesturing, "Floor's yours."

Already looking nervous-so unlike him!-Lorenzo stood and moved to the middle of the room. Darren pressed play.

It was sort of as if Lorenzo couldn't help himself. The music started and this look just came over him. Maybe it was that he'd been practicing to this song so long, but he had to move.

Darren wasn't sure what he'd bee expecting, but it wasn't that. It wasn't sexy-okay, it was totally sexy because it was Lorenzo but it wasn't on purpose or anything just-smooth. Fluid. Really, really cool.

And, okay, ridiculously sexy.

When the song ended, Darren was grinning like a crazy person and Lorenzo crossed his arms. "Happy now?" He took in the grin. "...what?"

Darren yanked him into his lap. "I am making you the best cake ever. Like, this-is-amazing-oh-god cake. I'm thinking chocolate."

"Wonderful," Lorenzo said from where he was splayed in Darren's lap. "Um, why?"

Darren tugged on his boyfriend's hair. "Because that was awesome you dork."

Lorenzo eyed him. "...I would disagree, but I am getting cake."

"Damn right you are."

A pause. "Does this mean you will not make me go to clubs anymore?"

"Are you kidding? I'm entering you into contests."