You have always looked at me

With a doubt or suspicion in your eyes.

This was your guarantee:

"Never, Will I surmise

You, even though you disagree."

I always thought of you as wise.

Though your piercing looks made me want to flee.

So farewell.

You will not miss me.

Here I am-about to rebel.

The degree

Of my pain is too much. Inside me, it swells.

This is the last time we will speak.

You will never again have to pretend.

My heart reeks

With confused thoughts that can't comprehend

Why your answers were always oblique.

So here I stand

On this bridge

With a rope in hand.

Racing through my mind

Are feelings of regret and sorrow.

Why had I been so blind?

I knew I would not regret this tomorrow.

For by then, I will have left mankind.