Adventures in Castlerock

Chapter 1

Slythe Devoid was the best assassin the guild had to offer, and she knew it. But Slythe didn't take jobs at the guilds desire, only for her own purposes. The guild was used mostly as a place to sleep and to hide out when and if she felt authorities were getting to close. So she was more then a little surprised when the guild master came to her and gave her a parchment with the comment "this sounds just right for you". Slythe walked away from the guild master, telling him she would look it over after a hot bath and a short nap. She showed no true interest in the guild, why the guild master put up with her and her arrogant ways no one truthfully sure. Granted she was one of the most beautiful women any of them had ever seen. Barely five foot two inches with a completely toned body with just enough curves to her hips and swell to her breast to make a man stop and watch her walk away or towards them equally. Thick raven blue black hair past her ample butt. But the most striking aspect of Slythe Devoid was her startling golden eyes. Not tawny or light brown, but truly molten gold in color, amazing really for a mere human.

Slythe lazily strolled to her room, smiling occasionally at the comments from the whores of the guild behind her back. In her room the bath was already steaming hot and ready for her, scented oils poured in and glistening on the waters surface. She unlaced her thigh high leather boots, wiggled out of her leather pants and top and sank into the hot tub with the scent of roses surrounding her. She awoke an hour and a half later as the water became cold, muttering to herself she stepped out of the tub and wrapped herself up in a thick warm bath sheet, laid across her over stuffed bed and reached for the sealed parchment. She broke the seal and began to read, "250,000 platinum to whoever can finally stop the white elf ruler of the dark fortress." The white elf was rumored to be the most evil man in the world. And his black fortress impenetrable, unless captured by the white elf or his demonic guards, and any that happened to be captured, never returned.

"Well then", Slythe thought, "guess I just better not get caught, but that 250,000 platinum is mine." After dressing in her signature clothes she headed down to the main dinning hall had a meal, chatted with some fellow assassins, and restocked her bag with some essentials. Leaving the guild she turned due east going deeper into the town until she came to the Crescent Moon Inn. A well known watering hole for demons, drows, vampires and other unfavorable types that she may be able to glean some much needed information from. Walking into the inn was almost funny to Slythe, if it weren't so dangerous. Every head turned her way. Some growls some purrs, a few lewd comments and a couple of drows who were not a bit quiet about the fact that they thought she would bring a high price on an auction block.

Head held high she made her way past the thugs in the inn and went to the bar, ordered a drink, that she had no intention of actually drinking and sat listening to conversations there. It didn't take long for her to start hearing tidbits about the dark fortress and the white elf. Of course most of the commentary was obviously exaggerated from drink no doubt. The dark fortress was surrounded in evil, on fact they believed the fortress itself was a living evil, able to feel when trespassers touched its walls to enter. Of course these men were drinking very heavily and trying to out do one another's horror stories with their buddies, so Slythe only took about have of what they said and dismissed the other comments. One thing the stories all agreed on was the location of the dark fortress, this information she took to heart and made mental note of.

She quietly left the inn through the back door. She didn't really expect to make it out with no troubles at all so when the vampiric drows started following her she wasn't a bit surprised. She walked quietly down the back streets waiting for them to make their move. As she thought they opted to go to shadow for the attack, as it is very difficult to do harm to a shadow, fortunately Slythe hates vampires and drows, so her weapons are imbued to strike shadow. When they jumped her, they found out quickly that not only was the small woman able to strike them in shadow, but also take their wretched lives. She collected the house rings that fell in the dust of their bodies and returned to the guild. Turning the rings into the guild master she found there were contracts on both men, though not much money was offered for either, but something was better then nothing. She returned to her room at the guild and rested until just before sunrise, then made her way out of the city towards the location of the dark fortress.