I told you how I felt today,

Completely and honestly,

With tears,

At the rim of my eyes.

I looked at your beautiful face,

To see you yelling,


Almost crying yourself.

I told you,

I don't feel the same,

As I did before.

And of course,

This is not true.

But how else am I,

Supposed to protect myself?

From the hurt,

That radiates from you?

You say you care for me.

You say you understand.

But do you?

Im not so sure.

I love you that will never change.

But now,

I don't know,

If I could change your mind.

You are lost to me forever.

Never to return,

The love I have for you.

You told me you had feelings.

But you didn't know where to take them.

And now you are right back where you started,

Chasing the same person,

How will that help?

Three years later,

And still nothing has happened.

You think it will start now?

I cant lose you.

Even as a friend.

But you have to listen to me!

He does not love you.