It's been eleven years since we closed our doors.

We always thought we'd die in a flash. Global warming, meteor, pandemic, nuclear destruction, something like that. We never imagined we'd die so slowly.

It is the year 2046, and our hopes are dead. A report came out almost 50 years ago warning we'd need two planets by this time: turns out, it was right. Global warming's made most of the world uninhabitable, resources are almost gone thanks to unsustainable agriculture, and you have to force yourself to breathe this awful air. It sickens. Our newborns can't survive long enough in it, and our population is in steady decline. We gave up on space travel long ago: it wasn't interesting enough, too expensive, and now we don't have a chance to make it happen.

Our scientists never stop working, of course. The great unsung heroes of humanity, it's only thanks to them we've survived this long: they've developed biomasks, air filtration systems, something you might call food if you were crazy. It helps, but it isn't enough. We all live in bunkers now, cut off from the outside. They wanted to reverse everything, bring the life back, renew the soil, clean the air. But it was in studying the air, that they found something unimaginable.

Homo umbra. The shadow people. Some said they've always been here, that our shadows have always been alive, but we all know that isn't true. Others claim they're our spirits ready to leave us, demons, angels, you name it. Fact is…they're a completely new life form. We're not quite sure how they came to be, and so rapidly. We've guessed bacteria in the air and ground gains some sort of advantage when we cast a shadow, and evolved to be able to follow us around, but…we really don't know. They're not just thousands of bacteria floating around but real, living, beings latched onto our bodies and our minds, stroking us when we're alone and whispering kind things into our thoughts. It's impossible to even think of. But, it doesn't matter where they came from or how they work or what they are. What needs to be decided is whether to embrace them, or exterminate them.

Overseer's Log, June 1 2046 10:22 P.M.