A Little Sibling Rivalry Never Hurt Anyone

Rating: M (Slash and another warning I won't say but if you're "sensitive", stop reading)

"You're such an a-hole!" Fourteen-year-old Christopher whined to his older brother Ian.

"And you're such a pain," the seventeen-year-old replied without looking up from his game. He was tapping the keys wildly as he concentrated on the screen.

"Why can't I play with you in multiplayer?!"

"Because you suck," was Ian's blunt reply. He tried his best to ignore his younger brother, he was on the last level. He just had to win.

"I'm telling mom and dad for sure!"

"Shut the fuck up!" Goddamn. Why couldn't Christopher shut up for just one second?

Christopher gasped. "I'm telling about that too!"

"Who are you gonna tell? Mom and dad aren't here."

"I can call!" As he said this, he was running towards the basement's staircase.

"Stop! God, fine. Fine. I'll let you play, just come sit beside me," Ian nodded at the seat next to him on the couch.

He went back to his game, flipping his wavy blonde locks over his shoulder. His hair starting to irritate him but he couldn't pause the game, it would break his concentration. He felt his younger brother's presence over his shoulder, behind the couch. It was just like him to stand there when he specifically said to-

Hands grasped his the sides of his face and gathered his hair into a ponytail... Ian lost his concentration just for one second, he quickly came back to his senses. He wouldn't -couldn't- dwell on that (his brother's touch), it would just get him back to how he used to be.

"Thanks, kiddo. You're actually being nice for once," he said in a teasing tone, trying to play off the butterflies in his stomach.

How pathetic was he? His brother was playing with his hair currently and he was fighting off leaning into his touch.

Christopher leaned over and tapped a random key on Ian's controller. "I guess I'm not so nice now!" Christopher laughed.

But Ian was silent, all that was heard in the room was the echo of the explosion. And on the big screen, the character blew up. Christopher risked a glance at his brother's face. Ian was staring, mouth agape, at the TV. Christopher took this time to hop off the couch and run for his life.

And just as he reached the end of the staircase, two hands grasped his ankles. He fell on his ass, facing his brother's terrifying face. He was in for it now.

"Come down the rest of the stairs, now," Ian commanded, voice low.

Christopher shivered, unsure why, it wasn't like Ian was going to kill him. But his demanding voice did something to him, sending him on alert. The fourteen-year-old had no choice but to comply. He stood up in front of his brother awkwardly, not sure if he should apologize or run away. He opted for silence.

"Why don't you ever listen?!" Ian began, pushing Christopher deeper into the basement. "I tell you to do one thing and you do another." Another push. "What would happen if you just sat down and shut your mouth?" A push. "Huh?!" And finally, Christopher's knees hit the back of the couch. His older brother loomed over him at six feet three. Christopher was tall for his age but nothing compared to Ian.

Ian's metallic blue eyes pierced into Christopher, making him squirm. Ian continued advancing on Christopher, even though there was nowhere left to go. Christopher was caged in, all that he could see was his brother's angry face.

Ian surrounded Christopher, climbing over him so that his knees lay on either side of his younger brother on the couch. He didn't know exactly what he was going to do to punish him or why he had to be so close to his face to do it.

Christopher looked up at him, his eyes were identical to Ian's except his eyes were afraid. He licked his lips nervously, a movement Ian followed with his eyes. Ian promptly leaned over and hungrily captured his younger's brother lips.

Another moment of silence ensued, in which a gasp interrupted when Ian grinded his lower body into his little brother's. Ian took it as an oppurtunity to slip his tongue into Christopher's warm mouth. He smiled against his younger brother's lips. Both groaned in ecstasy as Ian shifted, tilting his head to get better access.

And just as suddenly as he began kissing his little brother, Ian was thrown ass flat onto the carpet. His little brother took in large gulps of air before speaking. "What... the fuck do you think you're doing?" He sounded angry. Ian panicked but nevertheless played his role,

"Watch your mouth!"

"Why don't you watch where you put yours?!"

Christopher looked extremely pissed off yet he didn't feel afraid of his brother. He knew what had just taken place was wrong and he knew his big brother knew it was wrong but still, it had felt so good.

The entire house was quiet as Christopher deliberated. Ian hated the silence. Christopher looked down at his brother's scared expression and made his decision.

Fuck the rules, he said to himself. It was his life philosophy really.

He lunged off the couch right into his brother's lap. He leaned over, cupped his brother's face and continued where they left off.

As much as Ian was shocked that Christopher had given in so easily, he didn't hesitate to reciprocate. He swirled their tongues together, wondering where his brother learned to kiss so well. He flipped them over, so that he was on top. He successfully unattached their mouths, so that he could work down his brother's face. He nipped and sucked at his jaw, throat, all the way down to his collarbone.

Christopher arched, touching his hips to Ian's. Ian glanced down and could see his brother's strained pants. His breath quickened and his eyes widened. His little brother arched again, head thrown back obviously wanting release. Ian was frozen, hands right over the button of Christopher's jeans.

He rubbed his thumb over the area straining to be let out experimentally. Christopher moaned and held his eyes shut together. Ian acted right away. He pulled down the pants and the boxers in one motion. It was a sight to see- his younger brother flushed, whimpering and restlessly awaiting Ian to relieve his problems. A sight Ian had only seen in his dreams.

Ian began licking and nipping at the inside of Christopher's thigh, teasing him. Christopher grasped the back of Ian's hair, groaning. Ian took his time, slowly working his way up. He took Christopher in his mouth suddenly. Christopher gasped, arching up. Ian pushed his hips down, not wanting to choke but continued to pump Christopher of what he so wanted to relase. Christopher's body shook angrily as he screamed Ian's name. He poured his sweet, sweet release into Ian's mouth. Ian took it without gagging and sighed too as if he was the one satisfied.

He wiped his brother clean with a discarded t-shirt on the floor and pulled his boxers and jeans up for him. Ian lay down next to him and stayed quiet, staring at the ceiling. The air was thick with unsaid words.

"Fuck. I should piss you off more often," Christopher declared after some silence.

This time, instead of reprimanding him, Ian laughed.