I only have three more days left of my sophomore year of high school. I only have three more days left attending this school. I only have three more days left living in Michigan. I only have three more days left with my friends. I should tell them, get it done and over with.

"… You like it on top or bottom?" Madison was asking everyone.

"Okay, I started listening at the wrong time… what did you just ask?" I questioned.

"Some people put the toilet paper roll so the paper hangs off from the top, while others have it hang down off the bottom. Do you like it on top or bottom?"

"Top," I replied without thinking.

"AURORA LIKES IT ON TOP!" my friend Hayzil yelled.

"Ha. Ha. Ha," was my only response which is abnormal for me. Normally I would be yelling at someone after they made a joke like that about me.

"Hey, what's up with you Roar?" Madison asked me.

"I'm moving in three days… to Texas."

"Seriously?" Keiya asked.

"Yeah, it's permanent to. Well, I'll probably move back in a few years but, my parents are planning on staying there. They have an abundance of work there and here there is no work so they'll probably be there for quite awhile," I knew I was just talking for no reason but I couldn't help it the words wouldn't stop coming out of my mouth. I knew as more tears streamed down my face my words where becoming incoherent and jumbled together.

"Roar, it will be okay, we'll still talk right. We have cell phones, the internet, and umm… cell phones. It will only be a few years, it's not like we'll never see each other again. Okay?" Hayzil comforted me.

"Thanks Zil, I know, it's just my Mum waited until LAST NIGHT to tell me I was moving in three days. They had to know for awhile now, I mean they already sold our house and our furniture, obviously the furniture is still at the house, I mean I would have to be a complete idiot to not realize if all my furniture was missing… but, anyhow, umm... What was I saying?" typical me, going off into a rant and then forgetting what I was ranting about.

"Hey, how 'bout we all get together at the tree house tonight. How 'bout we meet there 'round five," Keiya said.

"Just you four, or me too?" asked Gibson, who was Keiya's boyfriend, and our neighbor.

"Thanks, Keyz. That sounds good, everyone, okay," I said, "Well, I got to go, I can't be late for class. See ya' on the bus."


After school that day the five of us meet up on the bus. We all lived out in the country by each other. Our five houses are the only houses on the last half-mile stretch of our road. The other half-mile of the road only had a few houses, but most of the land is used for farms, there are two hay fields and a few different animal fields but, no other 'kids'. It was actually a bit weird, aside from Gibson's older brother (he is nineteen and at college) all of us 'kids' are the same age. None of us really know if the five of us (six if you include Al, Gibson's brother) would become friends had we not grew up together. Our parent's aren't friends with each other so we weren't forced to spend time with each other, but growing up as the only kids in the area we naturally spent a lot of time together. Who knows if we would have become friend's had we not all lived next to each other.

The bus finally stopped at the end of our road and we all piled out. It was silent, besides the gravel crunching beneath our feet as we walked. When we got to Hayzil and Madison's driveways they said they would see us later at the tree house then went in there opposite directions. The next house was Gibson's and he gave Keiya a kiss before departing. Keiya and I walked silently next to each other until we got to her driveway.

"Roar, it will be okay. Nothing is gonna change, we will all still be friends when you come back. When you come back in two years things will be back to normal, I just know it okay. So, please, Roar don't be upset," Keiya told me.

"Keyz, I wish I could say I'll be back in two years but, I already told you all, I don't know when I'll be back. My parents have decided to permanently live there, well, as long as they can keep good jobs, and honestly I don't see them losing or giving up there jobs anytime soon."

"Aurora, stop being so stupid. You and I both know that you'll be back here as soon as you can. Which in this case is when you turn eighteen, right?"

"I suppose, I really don't think it will be that easy. Two years can really change people, when I come back I might not still be how I am today, and the same goes to all of you. Who's to say that over the time I'm gone, you won't all change so much that I won't even know who you are anymore?"

"Aurora Marie Rairee, listen to me. We will all keep in touch, we don't live in the Stone Age, we have this new thing called technology. We will still talk, IM, text, and e-mail each other. I know it won't be the same as living seconds away from each other but it's not the end of the world so just relax, nothing is going to change."

"And I'm the one that wants to become a psychologist or therapist," I mumbled.

"Roar, I learned from you how to sooth and calm people," Keiya said, "Hey, I got to go, so much studying to do and I've got to be ready to meet up with you guys at six, so see ya'."

"Right, I got to get home and pack. Hey, I thought you said five."

"What? Oh, Nope. We all agreed to meet at six. Roar you know I hate you! You NEVER have to study and you still get A's," Keiya yelled.

"That was really random, and, I get some B's too!" I yelled back.

"Aurora, A-'s ARE NOT B's!" Keiya yelled back.

I just smiled and walked away, she knows me too well.


After I spent what seemed like forever trying to fit all my possessions into cardboard boxes I glanced at my clock. 5:24. I'm almost positive we all agreed upon five o'clock during lunch, why'd Keiya tell me six? I'll just pack up one more box, then I'll go wait at the tree house.

I can still remember when Keiya's parents finally agreed to let us have a tree house built in their woods. The bunch of us where six and Al was nine and we had wanted a spot to hang out that was all 'ours'. All we were expecting was a wooden box in a tree with a ladder leading up to it. That's not what we got when our parents split the cost and had people build us, literally, a small house in a tree with a spiral staircase leading up to the door.

Inside there are two separate rooms. When you walk in the door you are in a large irregular shaped room, the wall to the left is straight but the rest of the room is circular. To the left there is an opening in the wall which leads to another room. The other room is smaller and circular and all around the bottom half of the room are shelves and above them there is a row of windows. There are also a lot of windows in the larger room because originally there wasn't any electricity and we needed all the light we can get. In the small room we keep lanterns, flashlights, and batteries on one of the shelves, just in case, along with many other things we might need. There are six sleeping bags and pillows, two space heaters, a small microwave, a mini fridge, a toaster oven, and boxes of food such as granola bars. We also have a couple of decks of cards, a few board games, a radio that is wired to speakers in the big room, tons of CDs, and a bunch of other things.

Originally, there wasn't any electricity or running water but, that was when we were too young to spend the night out there. Around the time when we were nine and twelve we managed to convince our parents to run electricity to our miniature house so, we finally had actual lights and electrical outlets. When our parents had it built they had insulated the walls and ceiling so, besides the fact that there wasn't a bathroom, it was possible to live in our tree house. We even collected furniture; we have two card tables, six folding chairs, a futon, a couch with a pull out bed, and one recliner. Also, we had a lock put on the door and we had six keys made so only the six of can get inside, unless one of us brings someone else, which that hasn't happened yet.


"What Mom?"

"Dinner is done."

I glanced at the clock and noticed it was 5:57, I must have zoned out. Looking around my room I noticed I already had most of my stuff packed up. I still can't believe I'm leaving; I've lived here for as long as I can remember. It's going to be so different not seeing Gibson, Hayzil, Madison, and Keiya everyday. I won't even see Al when he comes back on for his weekend visits.

When I walked into the kitchen I noticed my Mom already had most of our belongings in boxes ready to be loaded into the moving truck.

"I'm not staying for dinner, I was supposed to meet everyone at the tree house and hour ago," I said, as I put on an old pair of flip-flops.

"Well, then they can wait a few more minutes," my Mom replied.

"No, they can't. I'm leaving in three days, and we don't know when we will be able to spend time together next after that. Mom, I might not see them for years. Please, just let me go spend a few hours with them."

"No, you are having dinner with me and then you can go, if I decide it is okay. I never really liked that you girls hung out with that older boy."

"Mom, that older boy is Al, and he's at college, and his brother, Gibson, is our age. And, I already said I'm going. You can't tell me I can't go, once we move things won't be the same anymore, I just want one more night of how things are supposed to be. Once we are moved to Texas I'll have dinner with you every night if that's what you want," I said as I walked out the door and started my five minute walk to the tree house.


A/N: Okay, so I know it took me forever to write one chapter. I'm a horrible procrastinator. I really don't feel too good about my writing, I see everything I want to write like a movie in my head but when I try to write it down and show other people it just doesn't come out right. It's like it's two-dimensional when it should be three-dimensional. I don't know if that makes much sense. I know what I want to happen but I'm having issues trying to get it written. So, please bear with me, and tell me what you think. If you give me criticism I'll probably be offended at first but that's just my personality, I'll get over it then I'll probably appreciate what you tell me. And, I feel like I spent too much time describing the tree house, and it might feel like I'm wasting time telling about this place she is going to leave but, it will be important later in the story. Also, if you go to my profile and go to my homepage, the go to the page named Her DASH, you can see a map of there houses. By the time you check the page might be renamed The Dash of Aurora, and there may be a picture of the tree house. So, tell me what you think, please, hopefully I can continue writing and hopefully it will turn out ok. ~silver sky memories~