It was a sign. I swear it was. I happened to see a pair of hot pink rubber boots in the clearance isle, which I avoid because mom gets over excited there. Staring down at the rubber boots, I even thought to myself how strange it was for them to be here, since it usually only rains for a few days at the end of May. It was already July.

Shaking my head at the oddity, I turned around and headed towards the register my mother was checking out at, the boots slipping away into my subconscious mind to be forgotten.

Searching through my bag for the keys, I cursed the large blue messenger bag and its hidden nicks and crannies. I can never find what I'm looking for.

The afternoon was spent at the pool, sun bathing and finishing up the last of my summer reading as I watched the time. At four thirty, I changed into my beige pants and black t-shirt, heading towards the diner I work. Regular day, like all the others so far this summer.

And, like all the other nights, I found myself reading the latest addition of Teen Gossip that my co-worker and friend Lily brought for me. The diner was empty except for Donald and Danna Walker, an old couple who eats here every night.

This was the only restaurant in the small town, a Dairy Deluxe across the street, Lola's thrift on one side, Trendy Trisha's on the other side. Tony, our pharmacist, worked out of Dairy Deluxe, and Bobby's small barber shop was next to Trisha's. That was it, besides the few streets and secluded homes around Main Street. We were so small and secluded, our middle school and elementary school shared a building, with the high school –a small brick building with about twenty classrooms- on the other side of town. We were surrounded by thick forest on all sides, and the nearest town was two hours away.

Glancing at the glossy page, I read my horoscope for this week.

Gemini: Your luck had changed for the worse, but don't fret. Good fortune is in your future. You are always so closed off and introverted. Others have always avoided you and let you keep your distance. Be prepared to meet that special someone today who will break through your shell.

Snorting at how close the horoscope was, I flipped to another page about the latest drama between the twilight actors.

The bell over the door chimed, bringing my attention to the small group heading towards my tables. Grabbing my light pink apron from under the counter, I searched the front pocket for my note pad and a pen, admiring the small bouncing, powder blue elephant bobbing on the pen cap.

"Lily, nice elephant. What you name this one?" I called to her as she refilled the Walker's water. I like making fun of her elephant fettish.

"Liv!" She called without glancing at the pen I held up.

"Named after anyone in particular?" I smirked.

"You are so conceited! The world doesn't revolve around you!" She joked, rolling her dark eyes dramatically. Her petite body danced across the floor and she ducked back behind the counter.

"Never said it did." I countered.

She sniffed. "It looked grumpy when I bought it. It's mouth's turned down. It reminded me of you."

"You payed money for this?" I held up the bouncy pen.

"See, grumpy!"

Rolling my eyes at her, I stopped in front of the table.

"Hey. My name is Liv and I'll be your server for tonight." I repeated the familiar speech without thinking about it. It's funny when I repeat it to our regulars, who stare at me and tell me I've been telling them that since I started working here when I was fifteen, almost three years ago. "What can I get you to drink?"

Finally focusing on the people in front of me, I noticed that all four of them were beautiful in that rugged, muscular way. They were bigger than most young guys around here, broader in the shoulders- except for Elie Rolly, the head quarterback for our football team. But I have a suspicion he takes steroids. And the roomers spreading about his small jewels support my assumption.

Three of them appeared to be around eighteen, no older than twenty; the other looked to be about twenty five. The one closest to me had that bad-boy look with spiked dirty blonde hair and a nose piercing. He glared up at me with cold blue eyes. I smirked at him. I was queen of bitterness. Don't try me buddy.

"Water." He snapped, looking uninterestedly back towards the window.

The guy next to him looked slight more easy-going, with olive skin and bright green eyes. He had a square jaw and brown locks mused in a carefree fashion.

"What do you like?" He asked flirtatiously. My polite smile turned a little forceful as I struggled to contain my glare.

"I'm not sure you'll share my taste, but I'm a chocolate milk girl." I quipped, glancing over at Lily who appeared to be trying to restrain what I suspected to be laughter.

"Coke please." He murmured, giving me a cocky smile. I glanced quickly at the next guy, keeping my face politely disinterested.

He was the most threatening looking of the bunch, the older one, who had a natural aura that sang danger. He had pale skin and black hair cut short. He was glaring out the window.

I followed his gaze, watching as Ray McAllan and Josie Scott stepped out of their car.

"You got them sweet pea." I called over to Lily, who was reading my abandoned magazine. Glancing up, her face transformer to horror.

"Nonononono! Liv! Please!" She cried, hurrying over with her shoulders bent in a very un-Lily like way. "I'll take your table. Don't do this to me!" She cried desperately, pleading with her eyes. Sighing, I handed her pen and the pad. Slipping my hand into the front pocket of her apron, I extracted another pad and a pink pen.

"You owe me. And if they give me a HIV, you'll have to live with that guilt forever." I snapped, glancing back towards the door as the bell rang.

"Forever. I'll be your nurse till you kick the bucket. I swear!" She cried, pushing me towards the booth they sat in. Walking over, I noticed with distaste they were already swapping saliva.

"Hey guys. What can I getcha?" Besides protection, I silently added.

"Oh my gosh! Hi Liv! I didn't know you worked here!" Josie cried in her fake voice.

"Yeah. Been working here for three years. Wait on you every time you've come." I replied back in a just as fake voice. "And hello to you too Ray." I said sweetly, venom behind my words. He gave a slight nod and stared out the window. "Now, what can I get you guys?" I asked again, losing my patience.

"Water please. On a diet." Josie commented, patting her flat stomach. Giving her a fake smile, I turned to Ray.

"Coffee." He mumbled. Nodding, I sent them another smile before heading towards the counter.

"Slut." Lily growled as I passed, surprising me. She was usually overly cheerful.

"You know it takes two to cheat, right? His fault as much as hers." I muttered, rolling my eyes. She gave me a sharp elbow in my ribs, efficiently shutting me up.

Bringing their drinks, I left to give them some time to 'look over the menu', hoping they don't get the booth too wet.

Taking their order when their sucking sounds got too loud, I relaxed behind the register, humming to myself as I read about the growth of obesity in the United States over the last couple of years.

A large group of teens from our school came in, giving Lily and me a hearty hello, a few hugs, and a kiss on the cheek by our resident gay, before taking up a few booths on Lily's side. While she was taking their order, I took it upon myself to deliver the food to the table with the guys I couldn't recognize.

Plopping down their food in front of them, I pondered for a second why anyone would come to our small town, but lost the thought seconds later. I truly didn't really care.

After things settled down and all our tables were content, Lily thought it was her business to share with me the gossip she heard from our friends. Apparently, they saw the guys at the bakery the other day, and Mrs. Letty was squeezing them for information. Nosy old bat.

Apparently the older guy was the uncle, and he had taken in the other guys after their dad died. They had moved into Mr. Deenly's house after the old man croaked, thinking it would be good for his nephews to start over. They didn't look like brothers to me, but who was I to judge?

Listening with only half attention, I didn't notice that Lily stopped talking till someone cleared their throat.

"Sorry Lil. Day dream. Schizophrenia does that to you." I joked, refering to the first time she talked to me, asking me if I had schizophrenia because she studied it that week in psych. I was the resident loner before she walked into my world. Now everyone knows me.

"I think they want to pay Liv." Lily muttered amused, hurrying off to refill glasses at the other tables. Glancing at the guys waiting in front of the register, I rang up their orders. Good thing about me and my attitude: I didn't get embarrassed, not even in front of hot guys.

"Come again." I recited, glancing back to my magazine where a napkin was laid with a number. Glancing up into the eyes of the olive skinned guy, I scowled at him while crumbling it up.

"Sorry. I'm a lesbian." I snapped, turning to my magazine.

"NO YOU'RE NOT! YOU KISSED ME FRESHMAN YEAR BEFORE KNEEING ME IN THE B-" Brad Brinkly shouted from across the restaurant.

"I'll do it again Brad, this time without the kiss first." I snapped, sending him a glare. He gave me a lopsided grin and a wink.

"Rejection." The bad-boy-blond muttered to the crestfallen olive skinned dude, who growled in return.

I had no idea those four guys would one day be my life. I should have kneeled the cocky one in the balls when I had the chance.

Stupid boots. It was all their fault.

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