Sirens blazed and squealed into the night outside 21 Garmenta Place. As police clambered out of cars and ran inside the house, tape was being dragged out and being applied to the small picket fence surrounding the front yard.

Neighbours, hearing the commotion, ran outside in their dressing gowns to try and see what was up. But there was nothing to see.

Dr and Ms Darbishire were well-respected throughout the community. Dr Darbishire was a doctor at the local hospital, looking after children and new mother. Mrs Darbishire was a stay at home mother with three children. All in all, they were the ideal family. Their three children were all five years apart, the oldest being Elly, 15, then Lucy, 10 and Danielle who was 5. They were all the sort of perfect that you couldn't hate, no matter how hard. Elly had been school captain and DUX. It looked like little Lucy was heading the same way.

All the nosy neighbours that looked out, tried in vain to see what was going on, but all they saw was nothingness.

After what seemed like hours, someone came out the door at number 12. By that time, the only person still watching was Mrs Finny.

'It was black, so we couldn't see much,' she later recounted, 'I'd just come inside from watching so I went on checked on Benji. He was only 2 you know, well, anyway, I went out to turn off some lights, and I saw her. The oldest Darbishire, Elly, being led out. Her! She was the last one I would have expected, but it was her alright. The blonde ponytail, nearly 6ft figure. It was defiantly Elly.

'Who would have expected Elly? Was she being arrested for too many A's? she was school captain and everything!

'But I guess we'll never know, shall we?'

But as Elly was lead away, Dr and Mrs Darbishire walked out the door and waved.

Elly never looked back, all she did was blink back tears and slip into the car… never to be seen again.