It's a question of belief

How can things work if you don't believe?

I wish you did

I wish you believed in us

But you didn't and you don't

You let our opportunity just pass you by

You took on a relationship with someone new

You didn't even try

I made myself believe that you wanted me

Enough to fight for me

Enough to fight for us

But you just moved on when you saw a brick wall standing in the way

You just let it stand there,

You never tried to break it down

Like I tried so many times

But it takes two to make it work

But I don't know if it will work anymore

You hesitated

You just assumed that we would fail

Without even trying

Without even thinking that there was a possibility that me and you

Would be more than this

But I'm still waiting

Waiting for you to realize

That me and you were meant to be

I'm still waiting

For you to believe.

about this movie i was watching. 3

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