Head meets black silk,
slowly rests.
darkness is real,
and the moon
it's the only thing lighting the inconsistencies
the moon brings up memories buried.

She wants to be one of them-
the ones who can just say
"who needs it? I don't need or want it"
and mean just that.
these thoughts,
an endless loop
lulling her
sucking her under
to sleep
her imagination is now so much stronger,
so much,
than her reality.

Darkness, the deep of night,
a cry is ripped from her throat,
filled with emotion,
a cry of a forbidden temptation.

She doesn't want to tempt herself and think;
think of what could be.
Those doors are closed,
closed tight.
She is who the world,
who the world made her to be.
She's living with eyes closed
just to keep herself from the temptation in front of her.

Should she follow her heart?
or that bad advice?
Just another sleepless night
with only the moon and stars
So close, yet so far.
Rooftop view-
everything in perspective.

A sleepless night,
almost over
sun kissing the horizon
chasing the moon
so close, yet so far.
She slips back in the window,
throws herself onto the black silk
head laying down,
thoughts tumbling through her head.
Yet another sleepless night,
wanting these
these damn thoughts gone

damning someone else to a sleepless night.


Wow... It's been forever since I've posted anything. I'll start with this. It used to be up, but I took it down. I regret that now, seeing as I actually like this poem of mine. I've been through some stuff, and I realized some things... So, this is back up, seeing as I've had some sleepless nights rather recently. Reviews are always welcomed and much appreciated... =)

~Caecilia Bellz