Apparently, I like writing some nice short stories. Chapters are scary and they bully me. XD


I shiver as a cold wind found its way to the corner I sat. I was all alone in the room, and the silence was driving me crazy. It has been a month now. I look around, my sight void in color, and take a deep, deep, breath. I smelt no man. The floor was hard and cold, the window was open, and snow started to litter the floor. I open my mouth, but no sound comes out. My body felt weak, and I slowly exited the cold and lonely room. I enter a slightly warmer room they called a 'kitchen', and stuff myself in a small space between the counters. My stomach grumbles and I try to sleep away the hunger.

I hear the door open and close. Voices filled my ears and I slowly walk to them. A woman says something to the two children and she goes to the kitchen, without even sparing a single glance at me. The children sat in front of the tables, and I try my best to call out to them. A foot carelessly pushes me aside and I decide to wait again for any scraps to be thrown on the floor. Luck is not by my side tonight however, and I only get a taste of a half-eaten broccoli. After dinner, the children run upstairs and their mother watches the telly on the couch. I whimper, and lie down beside the couch to rest.

Another long day has passed, and I try to sleep under the coffee table in the living room. I suddenly hear noises outside, and my head perks up. I see a shadow outside the window, and I watch as a man silently breaks in. My whole body becomes alert, and I wait for the perfect chance to attack. The man takes an expensive vase, and I jump out and bark as ferociously as I can. The man drops the vase in surprise, and immediately hops out through the window, and closes it.

I continue to bark, and the lights go on. The mother comes running and screams. She grabs the skin of my back and points toward the shattered vase, all the while shouting at me. I am dragged to the front door and tossed outside, left to wander alone in the streets forever. How could this happen?

It starts to rain, and I walk aimlessly on the sidewalk. Only the rain is there to comfort my sorrow. When? Someone tell me, when will I ever be loved?

Sunrise came, and the rain ceased to accompany me. I look around for the first time. I have no idea where I am. I find myself alone, sitting in the middle of a park. I rest my head on the ground. Is this how I will meet my end? Without even a single shard of happiness gracing my lonely self?

I feel something. Warmth? Yes. My closed eyes carefully open and I see small hands wrapping my body. An unfamiliar scent tingles my nose and I realize a small child carried me in her arms. She pets me affectionately, and takes me to her home. It was a family of five, a mother, a father, an older brother, a younger sister, and a newborn baby. The younger sister hands me to the mother, and she treats the blisters on my paws. They fed me, played with me, and cared for me. I couldn't believe any of it. It was like a dream.

That night, I slept in the arms of the blessed little girl that had given me what I yearned for the most.

Right. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this dog's tale. xDD