Ever pondered
Why you write?
Struggling with words.
Weaving them out
while taking a walk in your own life..

You had a glimpse of smile
In the journey of hundred miles.
You expressed it out.
To someone..
Very close to you all the nights...

And when
Your dreams were shattered.
You lost all for a while.
Expressed grief and sorrow.
To almighty and life...

with all the faith in yours
Smirk and cry.
You still had courage.
And Moments to joy..

But awfully there came a moment.
You gathered yourself in void.
Either sitting on the fainted grass.
Or staring on the dismal sky..

That was the peculiar stage.
Never before in your life time.
You just had no one to articulate.
Even the happiness you gathered all the times...

Your fingers then grasp the piece of paper.
Searching the ripped line somewhere.
Or the excellence of sideline.
Just to help you write..

And there you go.
With first writing of your lifetime..
The pen you wrote with for the first time
Was all your voices in famine..

The ink you wrote with...
Was the blood carrying your life..
The paper you wrote on..
Was the person you admired throughout your life..

And there you wrote yourself..
The reason why you write..
Amidst in loneliness and no one to hug..
You just created another wonder passing by...