5. Adam's Point of View

The newspaper smelt like the office. That's why I've been carrying it around so much. It has the relaxing smell of filtered air, with a hint of ink and the warm, comforting texture of paper. I feel as though I'm still an employee, in the middle of making copies, at this very moment. That's when I realized, as much as I wanted out of work... I needed it. My idiotic attempt at suicide was because I no longer had any ties with them anymore.

"I need to get my job back..." I huffed, getting out of my bed and into my computer chair. Emailing my boss and asking for a second chance might be my best bet.

After I turned my computer screen on, my skin crawled and I fell out of my chair. Swiftly diving behind my chair, I hid from the shock I just received. When you turn on a monitor, you expect to see what you were previously looking at before you turn it off. What I saw, was my brother, Red, peering at me with a crazed smile on his face and eyes following mine.

I peeked out from behind the chair, and his face looked down at me. He looked just like Red, even smiled like him... although definitely with an added creepiness. "Adam, get out from behind there, I need to talk to you," he said, his voice didn't match his creepy face though; it was determined.

Cautiously, I revealed myself, but I kept a majority of my body behind the chair. My broken leg pained me from the sudden movement, but it was good enough to move around with it.

"We both need to talk to you," a women's voice insisted, pushing Red's look-a-like away from the screen, so I could get a better view of her. She was beautiful, but scared... Who are these people, and why do they look so awkward?

Suddenly the view of the two people shot back, so I could see both of them, standing in front of me, inside my monitor. "Who are you?" I finally asked, noticing that they were computer-generated models. They were too perfect, and the texture and lighting was sketchy.

"My name is Wade, and this is Irene. We need help immediately, so if you have any questions, let's get them out of the way now," Wade said in a nervous voice. I see... the reason he has such a weird expression is that he's nervous.


"Never mind, that was stupid, we don't have any time for questions. My friend and I were the ones who texted you to not jump. He is currently in a life or death situation right now, and you're the only one who can get him out of it," he explained, asking for my help.

"You see, I would, I'm just very busy," I said, feeling my stomach turn at the thought of doing something out of my usual routine. "And also, I still have no idea who you people are."

"His name is Martin. The reason why he is in the trouble that he's in, is because he was with me when I sent you the text message. Either we go to a prison they'll never let us out of, or they kill us, if we so much as speak with you. You don't have to fear them, because they can't touch you. So please, say yes. Will you help us?" Wade begged lightly, his eyes pleaded for help along with Irene's tearing eyes. I was about to turn him down again, when he smiled a familiar smile... He trusted me. A complete stranger, yet I felt like I've known him for years. "We'll also help you get your job back."

"What do I need to do?"

The smile spread across his face and a glimmer of hope widened Irene's eyes to me. She looked up at me in admiration. "You remind me so much of Martin," she remarked in astonishment.

I sat down, eyelevel with them, and finally felt useful for the first time in months. Wade explained the plan, making my jaw drop at the complexity of it all. Sure, he reassured me that with them working on the computer side of the operation, it wouldn't be as hard as it sounded. But that was difficult to believe.

The first step was making them mobile, whatever that meant. Irene had me setup my cell phone to the wireless network on my computer. She put something on it, a program I'm guessing, to be able to control any data that passes through the phone. Instructed by Irene, I put the USB cord for the phone in my pocket, because I was going to have to plug the phone into a computer at the ISP office. While she was installing the program, Wade talked to a friend in Town Hall and got the blueprints for the building I was going to go in. They don't waste any time.

Finally, after a three-hour drive, I was standing outside the large office building, with a ski mask on. "I'm outside the front, which way do I go?" I asked forgetting the beginning of the plan.

"Get the hell away from the front of the building! We strictly told you not to go anywhere near the front; there are probably tons of security cameras there." Scurrying away, I went to the side of the building and started heading for the back. "You better not be going to the back of the building either, there are more cameras back there."

Turning around, away from the back this time, I stood at the side of the building and awaited my next orders, which I was too excited to remember, let alone listen to. A rush pumped through me like a wildfire, I felt so alive. It was as if I were in another world, a secret world, which I just discovered... no, a world that just discovered me.

"There should be a tree, just four feet away from the southern side of the building. You need to climb that tree, and then jump from the tree, onto the roof... like a ninja!" Wade encouraged loudly in my ear, so I held the phone a little further away.

"Like a ninja?" I asked, looking up at the tree.

"Like a ninja!"

"We've got two problems with that. First problem is that the tree doesn't look like it has any branches, it's just a really, really tall column shaped tree with pine needles basically... also looks very bendable. Second problem is - I probably should've mentioned this earlier - I have a broken leg." Standing in total letdown and feeling completely useless once again, the phone stayed silent on the other end, until I heard him and Irene talking to each other.

"Alright, come back home, I shouldn't have asked you to do this... It slipped my mind that you had a broken leg, and I didn't take into calculation that not all trees are climbable," he regretted in a gloomy voice.

I put the phone in my pocket and started to climb. Sure, it was like a big bushy tree with pine needles replacing the leaves, but the small, brittle branches were enough for me to gain some elevation on the building. I kept my leg, which was in a splinter, away from the tree, unless I needed it, in which case I would stand on dozens of little branches to hold my weight up as I continued higher. My leg actually didn't hurt as much as I thought it would... the pine needles stabbing me was where the majority of the pain came from. I continued though, as high as I could get.

Another unexpected occurrence happened though... When I finally got to the top, I looked over my shoulder to see if I could make it to the other side. I could make it, if it were any other tree. But this tree, this tree had plans of its own. The weight I was putting into leaning toward the building, it made gravity take its place. When the tree bent, it inched closer and closer to the roof, making me achieving my goal. I was going to make it! Just one more foot and I was in the clear.

But, the roof wasn't my destiny; it was the window right below. When I realized I wasn't going to make it onto the roof, I clutched the tree, making the pine needles go through the ski mask and dig into the side of my face. I couldn't feel the pain this time though; too much adrenaline relieved the pain. The next thing I did feel, though, I imagine it should've hurt more than it did. It definitely hurt the next day.

So, I crashed into the window right below the roof, into the second floor. I landed on my back, with glass digging into my skin. Then I heard Wade's voice yelling in my pocket, asking me if I was ok.

"Oh my God!" a women exclaimed rushing into the office I broke into.

I sat up and backed up into the wall using my hands and good leg, causing more glass to pierce my flesh. Fear of getting caught took over; I searched for a way to escape. "I'm sorry!" I yelped, apologizing for the breaking and entering. I can't believe I made a yelping sound...

"It's no problem; we can get a new window. Are you ok?" she asked in a soft and soothing voice.

I looked up at her, in the eyes, for the first time. The lights were dim, seeing as how the office was after hours, most of the lights were off. But, despite the lighting, I could tell she was both concerned, and hot. She was gorgeous. Short blonde hair that cut off between her ear and jaw, caring eyes bright enough to sparkle in the moonlight, and she had affectionate hands that were more than eager to help me up.

I wondered, scared to speak, why she was so worried for someone in a ski mask... until I realized I wasn't wearing one. The pine needles must have hooked onto the mask when I fell in here. Thank God it wasn't my pants; I'm wearing my superman boxers.

She helped me limp over to a chair, one of the dozen in the room. Although it appeared to be a conference room, there were laptops on the long desk in front of each chair.

My cell phone began vibrating in short bursts. "Are you in shock?" the women asked, checking my wounds.

"A little, I think," I lied, not knowing what my next move should be. I sneakily checked my cell phone and on it, in big bold letters said.


"Let me call an ambulance for you; I think you need it," she advised, pulling out her cell phone.

"No, wait, I think I'm ok," I replied, standing, painfully quickly. "It's just a couple pieces of glass, nothing to worry about."

"Are you sure?" she asked with a concerned face. "You know, you shouldn't be tree climbing this late at night; it's dark."

My cell phone started vibrating again, so I glanced over and read what Wade or Irene had to say.

She thinks you were tree climbing, she's naïve; this is the perfect girl for you! Ask her out on a date!

"Yeah... I really didn't expect the tree to bend."

"I think you need to sit down a little longer. I'll get the first aid kit."

As soon as she left, I put the phone to my ear. "What do you need me to do?" I asked quickly, for fear she would come back in seconds.

"Leave, abort the mission," Wade ordered me.

"No," I responded firmly. "I didn't come this far to give up."

"Well..." he said, thinking about it.

"Just tell me what to do!"

"Point your iPhone's camera around the room you're in, at all the computers." I did as he said, showing him all the laptops. That's when I noticed my palms had little rocks of glass pressed into them. The pain came to my hands when I noticed them. "This is perfect! I couldn't have asked for better circumstances. Plug your phone into one of the laptop's USB ports. Good, now wait a minute... Got it! We're good to go."

That seemed far too easy... "How was it so easy?" I asked, looking up and seeing that the woman was still looking for the first aid kit in the kitchen.

"Well, these laptops are solely for short conferences. They have close to no security, yet they're connected to the same network as the servers with the information we needed," he explained, excited about the successful mission. "And perhaps you forgot, but you were supposed to crawl through about a mile of ventilation shafts to get to the servers."

The door opened, so I lowered my phone from my ear. She walked in with a first aid kit and a smile. "You know, you're lucky. My father was a doctor, so I'll be able to fix you up in no time," she informed me, eagerly pulling out supplies to pull out the glass and also gauze my cuts.

"Thank you, you ha-" I began to say, but then shrieked like a little girl when she started pulling the glass out of my back. "You sure you know what you're doing?"

She laughed and took out some painkillers from the first aid kit. "I'll get you water in a second," she said with a smile that made me blush.

Suddenly my cell phone started pulsing with vibration. I checked to see if she was looking and then peered down at my phone when I saw she couldn't see.

I saw her before you lowered your phone, she's gorgeous! Forget asking her to go on a date with you, propose to her, right now.

I pocketed my cell phone, pondering upon Wade's words. "So, do you work here?" I asked casually, filling the silence and filling my need to know more about her.

"Yes, I'm a computer technician. My boss lectured me for slacking off, so I've been working..." She stopped wrapping gauze around my chest, on top of my long-sleeved shirt, I might add, to check her watch. "Wow, twenty hours. I must have had a lot of coffee..."

"You must want to get the hell out of here," I chuckled lightly, trying to hold in tears from the pain.

"I was actually just about to leave, but then I saw you crash through the window from the tree," she laughed, looking up at me, only inches from my face. "That reminds me."


"The security guards downstairs, they'll want to see your I.D., so... Let's pretend you're my brother!" she suggested, keen on acting as if I'm her brother. She stood up and put the extra first aid supplies back in the kit. "I'll just tell them I was giving you a tour."

My phone vibrated again and I checked what it said.

LOL, she thinks of you as a brother.

I shoved it in my pocket, ignoring Wade's remark. "Yeah, that'd be funny... My name is Adam, what's yours?"