I put a lot of thought into this one… I know that you all would rather have me updating Finding Him not writing random one shots but I can promise you that the next chapter will be coming soon I have about 4 pages written which is about a fourth of what I want… so with that said enjoy this little drabble… I know that I enjoyed writing it…


They often asked him why he was always there, why he was always sitting at that same gravestone that same cracked and crumbling gravestone. The gravestone was partially covered by the overgrown grass, no one seemed to clean this part of the graveyard for obvious reasons, and it was fully covered by the dirt and dust that age provides a thing as old as it was.

It was an aged thing and that was something everyone agreed on even if the grime filled in the worn words carved crudely into the slab of rock that acted as a grave marker for that lone grave. Not to say that it was actually alone though, there were many others there but it was lone in the fact that it was the only one any mind was paid to, but that was only because he was there.

But as it was said, they once asked why he was always there by that old stone, what about it he valued. The young man would always chuckle his in his own awful cold way and with an honest smirk replied as he always did, his perfect icy lips moving around the lips forming the words with such elegance.

Waiting was always his answer, even though you'd see the movement of his lips you'd feel as if the words just appeared in your head ricocheting inside like an echo. Once you heard the young man's voice never would the echoes of it leave your mind.

It was always like this and it would always be like this, whether it be now or a thousand years in the future, he would always be there. He would always be right there next to the awful fading grave marker just waiting, never would one venture to ask him what or who he was waiting for, never would they let his cool voice leave another imprint on their beings.

Though they all wondered, all that approached him, anyone whom asked him that one unforgettable question they wondered for the rest of eternity what he was waiting for and when it'd come, it drove most of them mad, so mad that they were driven to kill.

If a prophet asked him, they might not be as worried, a prophet might have been able to see the end of the world and know exactly what type of evil the man waited for. However, for the rest of us we must wait ourselves, but unlike that horrible never aging man, we don't have the luxury of knowing our doom.

Though really that's what waiting means isn't it, never quite knowing what is going to happen next, so perhaps the man and his perfect dark hair doesn't have the slightest clue of what was going to happen for if he did he may have decided on Expecting instead.

Even with all that said the day, that the beautiful young women with blond ringlets and full red lips asked him what he was waiting for no one wanted to know. The once thriving place was deserted in seconds leaving only a curious girl who wanted answers; nobody must have told her that it was curiosity that killed the cat.

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