Clara and Jim met during their freshman year of high school and quickly fell in love. Jim was tall, mysterious, and well built. Clara had been cheer captain and had a perfect, dainty body.

Nearly a month after graduating high school, Jim proposed. Without a moment's thought, Clara enthusiastically accepted. They had a small wedding, though Clara wanted to have a huge one.

Clara was not working at the time, for she believed Jim made enough to support both of them. Jim, however, paid the outrageous bills and worried about rent. While Jim worked twelve-hour shifts at his father's law firm, Clara was getting her nails and hair done around three or four times a week. This concerned him, but he said nothing.

Jim had always desperately longed for a large family, but Clara detested kids and made no point in trying to hide it. Just when Jim thought the worst was over in his life. . ..

"Jim!" Clara shrieked. Jim ran upstairs to their bathroom, thinking she was hurt. A pregnancy test was in her hand, and she was staring at it as if she were looking at a child. Her violent shaking terrified him. "Jim . . . I'm pregnant." She looked down, studying the times carefully. Tears of sadness and regret cascaded down her perfectly sculpted face, dripping down to her neck. Physically, he held Clara, attempting to soothe her; mentally, he was extremely blissful. He truthfully did not understand why she was so sad