You can love me,

You can hate me,

You can miss me,

'Cuz I feel all those things,

For you,

You used me,

Abused me,

I love you,

I hate you,

I miss you,

I can't decide which hurts more,

Loving you,

Or hating you,

I can't help but miss you,

I cry sometimes,

When I think of you,

You'd think,

I'd be over it by now,

But no,

Oh no,
I can't let you go,

Not peacefully,

I've let him go,

Why can't I let you go?

You lied to me,

Cheated on me,
Yet I loved you,
I took you back,

We fought,

We kissed,

We loved,

Why'd we let go?

Love me,

Hate me,

Miss me.