Chapter 1

"Hurry up Lacy before your mom comes out!"

"I'm coming," replied Lacy as she hurried to keep up with her friend Andrew. He looked back and motioned for her to speed up. Looking into Andrew's grey eyes Lacy wondered "Why does he always have to be so confident?" Andrew just gave her a wink. Then his manner suddenly changed. He rolled his eyes and slowed to a stop. Lacy then felt a gentle hand grab her arm.

"Where do you think you're going young lady?" came the firm voice of her mother.

"I was just going to play with Andrew in the woods," replied Lacy in her innocent little girls voice.

Her mom took her a few steps away from Andrew and said softly, "You know I don't want you playing with that boy." she paused, "He is dangerous Lacy I'm just trying to protect you."

"Mom, just cause he's different that doesn't make him dangerous."

"Lacy, normally I'd agree with you but his kind aren't meant to be around normal people."

"Oh please, he's harmless. Andrew doesn't even know how to use his powers."

Lacy's mom thought for a minute then said, "Even so, he needs to be sent away to Auckland where there are more wizards like himself."

Lacy sighs, "Whatever mom, can I go play now?"

"Fine, just be back by sundown okay."

Lacy was off before her mother even finished her sentence. She caught up with Andrew who muttered, "Finally!" and they ran off into the woods.

A few minutes later they stopped and Andrew said, " Your mom really annoys me. I can clearly hear everything she's saying and she always makes me feel like a monster!" He nimbly climbs the first branch of the nearest tree and continues, "I never hurt her so why does she hate me?"

"She doesn't hate you," replies Lacy, "she just worries about me."

Andrew hangs upside down from the branch and playfully smiles at Lacy. "Well she shouldn't." Then he grabs her hands and hoists her up on the branch with him. They climbed in silence for a while then Andrew says, "She might be right. I'm harmless now but what if I do hurt someone?"

"Don't be silly Andrew you couldn't hurt a fly." Then Andrew jumps over to Lacy's branch and starts to shake it. "Hey Stop!" Lacy screams and starts to descends headfirst for the ground.

Andrew leaps off the tree. Then he catches Lacy midair and they both land safely on the ground. By then he is laughing his head off and Lacy slaps him.

"Don't do that Andrew it scares me."

"I'll probably scare you half to death before I let you die the normal way." He retorts jokingly.

"OK Andrew, fun's over you can let go of me already."

"OK," he says and Andrew drops Lacy. She screams for half a second then Andrew starts to levitate her an inch before she hit's the ground. "You said to let go of you."

"You know that's not what I meant." Andrew lets her down and they both laugh. They played around for a few hours then started to head home.

On the way back Andrew said, "I'll race you there."

"I'm too tired. You're not tired?"

"Nope!" replied Andrew as he was jumping up and down. After walking for a few more minutes he said, "I don't think we should go back right now."

"Why not?" Lacy asked.

"Look in the distance, the sky is nice and clear but there's a huge black cloud where our town should be. I don't trust it." When Lacy looked over at him he actually had a worried look on his face.

"Its probably nothing," she said although she wasn't so sure.

As they continued Andrew became more and more nervous. They went up a small hill and they saw their town, or what was left of it.

Note: This is my friend's story she wrote during class when she was bored and I convinced her to let me put it on here so we could see what kind of reviews she'd get. She's written three stories she thinks they suck but i personally believe they are pretty good. please read and review!:)