Chapter 10

Andrew's body was moved to his room. Lacy put him on his bed, knelt beside him, and continued crying. "You know, I died with a lot of emotion." came Andrew's voice. Lacy turned around and saw him. Andrew looked just like he had in real life except his figure looked faded.

Lacy was confused, "But I thought…"

"That I died." Andrew cut in. "I did, but I also met all the requirements." Lacy gave him a weird look. Andrew looked at the floor and said, "I've become a Soul of Power." Andrew paused then turned around and said, "But I'm different from Martin. He died with greed. I died with love for you." Lacy couldn't think of anything to say. Andrew walked over to Lacy and whispered, "I have more powers now. I can come back to life for you." Lacy's face lit up and she was overjoyed. "But I still haven't decided if I should."

Lacy was outraged. "Life or death Andrew," she yelled, "what kind of choice is that?!"

"It's not that simple." he replied. Then Andrew asked, "Can I ask you an important question?"

"Sure Andrew." Lacy said, "Ask me anything."

"Do you love me?" Andrew asked. Lacy was shocked by the question. "Do you really love me?"

"Yes of course I love you!" Lacy answered in a heartbeat.

"Then why did you kiss him." Andrew insisted.

"I didn't kiss Nathan, he just caught me off guard." Lacy explained.

"So you have no feelings for him at all?" Andrew asked.

"None." Lacy answered.

Andrew turned away. He looked back down to the floor and said, "I still don't know if I should cheat death for you."

Lacy was becoming desperate. "Please Andrew," Lacy said begging on her knees, "You promised!"

"But I really shouldn't." Andrew whispered. Then he disappeared.

Lacy was about to break down again then she felt Andrew's warm arms protectively enclose her. "What I should do and what I actually do are two different things. I love you too much to be able to stay away." Andrew turns Lacy around and they kiss.

Note: So that was the end tears L. There was a epilogue but its only 2 sentences that I had my friend right because I hated Nathan so much (lol) but I decided not to put it here because I thought it might ruin it for you guys so therefore that's the end. I hope you liked it. I know I did even though still to this day my friend still doesn't like it but she's written more and I like those too. One she even wrote for me, but I probably wont type that because it took a long time to type this hahaha. Thanks for reading and reviewing! Hopefully one day I'll be able to create my own story and post it on here.J