Beauty Dwells

Beauty dwells behind steep hills
Across oceans never crossed
I want to climb the steep hills
And sail these oceans never crossed
To find this beauty that is lost

Quiet does the blue bird sing
Songs that one should never hear
Listen to that careful tune
As the wind lifts it up by its wings
I want to hear when the blue bird sings

She looked at me with loving eyes
And the night hung heavy there above
She pleaded that there would be no lies
And I sent my words with a dove
Known to nest in a forgotten cove

The sun it caused the skies to burst
In trembling skies some dreams get lost
A dream of when I met her first
A dream of when I knew her love
A dream of all the stars above

Beauty dwells beneath the sea
Above all things we never see
I want to dive beneath the sea
And see these things we never see
To make this beauty one with me

One can hear a distant lost one call
A call that one should not have heard
Let us listen to that desperate howl
The towers around us are bound to fall
As we this beauty do recall

She said to me in a loving voice
That beauty dwells inside of me
She told me that it was my choice
To set it free or let it be
But inside me there is nothing free

Wilderness all void of form
Is the only beauty that I know
Beauty is a destructive storm
To define it is imprisoning it
It is meant to be free, isn't it?