Of Paranoia


It was way past midnight

Tossing and turning

But she still could not sleep

She caught herself thinking about him

For the thousandth time

Wishing in vain to know

What he was doing now,

Why he wasn't calling

And was he thinking about her too?

Sighing deeply yet again

Pacing around, restless

She looked at the phone accusingly

And it just lay there innocently, unmoved.


And suddenly, it rang.

At that moment, she stopped breathing.

She felt her heart stop beating.

The clock stop ticking.

The world stop moving.

She answered breathlessly,

As if she had run a mile.

Just the sound of his voice

Washed away all the doubts, fears

And the paranoia.

She felt at ease,

She found herself breathing again

And her heart finally murmured in content.