"So… Welcome home Riley." My mom turned to me, her dirty blonde hair in a messy bun. I was in her olive green mini van, my foot tapping on the floor.

I slid out and stretched my arms, feeling the sun scorch my arms. Ahh, the warm familiar feeling of the sun in July. I uncurled my toes and smoothly took them our of my purple flats and felt the scorching heat of the gravel scrunch my toes.

"Having fun?" I turned to the voice, ugh one of my step brothers. I was going to have two, after my mom married some guy named Brian Shelby. This step brother was sorta tallish, with a gangly posture and matted sweaty hazel hair. His eyes were gleaming and… blue. I think, I wasn't sure cause he had hair covering it.

In response to him I shrugged and said, "I missed Florida. After three years…" Yeah, three years. I was going to go home last year but my dad's mom, Grandma Sonia, died of a heart attack. My dad was still single so I had to take care of him. I left him in care of my Aunt Miranda.

My step brother stuck out his hand, "Hey, I'm Colby, you're Riley right?" I nodded and giggled at his name. Colby Shelby. Wow.

I took off my baseball cap and laid it on the car, feeling the wind grab my hair and softly flow with it. My hair stayed the same, a light brownish metallic color, with strands of red and gold woven in from the sun. I was also tall for my age, around 5"7 and I'm 15. Colby was about 5"10 probably, and 14.

I smiled at him and said, "Where's you're brother?" Colby's eyes darkened and I felt scared for a moment.

"He's with his girlfriend," He said quickly and harshly. I nodded, wondering what bothered him. Then I heard a familiar voice.


I looked back, and saw my two best friends, Zeke and Croy. "Zeke! Croy!" I waved my arms frantically, not noticing Colby sneak out of sight.

Zeke slammed in to me, all 6"3 of him. God, he was looking good. He had drop dead sexy looks. With his familiar messy hair and green eyes he was a heart throb. And he smelled the same. Ahh, I missed Florida so damn much!

Then I saw Croy. He was taller then me, about 6"2, with long blonde hair, and those familiar blue eyes. His hair was darkened, now a dirty blondish color. His skin was still a little pale, but had some color there. But the thing was… he was really cute. His nerdy looks and wimpy-ness, turned in to some guy that I might not recognize. He walked up to me and gave me an one arm hug. "Riley, long time no see."

I smiled at him. "Croy! Zeke! Wow, I missed you so much!"

Zeke held his arms open and said, "All grown up huh Riley?" I smacked his arm and gave him a smile. Then I heard another voice. This one sorta high pitched and whiny…


I raised my eyebrows when I heard the click clack of heels. In front of me was a short girl, maybe 5"5, with stormy all american blue eyes. She had orangy shiny wavy hair, and way too much make up on. When she reached me her smile disappeared. "Ummm who the hell are you, and why are you all over my FUCKIN BOYFRIEND!?"

I stepped away from Zeke and into Croy's arms. He held me protectively.

Zeke closed his eyes and said quietly, "Kira, please shuttup."

Kira faced him. "Umm what?"

I frowned. "I'm Riley," I showed her my hand. She stared at it dumbly.

"Zeke… you're best friend… is a girl?" Kira's eyes turned hard and steely. "Ummm, Zeke, a little warning perhaps?"

I felt Croy's arms tighten around me. Zeke, with a very annoyed look said, "So what? Does it even matter? She's my friend ok? Best friends actually. So chill."

Kira looked absolutely furious. "You know what Zeke? You don't tell me to chill. And anyways, why would you be friends with such a slut? I mean look at her, she was practically having dry sex with you and Croy! Sluts are such bitches." She than, very immaturely, stuck her tongue out.

It was silent. I felt my mouth got dry, and I was suddenly aware that my shorts were very short. And that my shirt was very tight. And that Croy was now shooting glares at Kira. Then after 5 minutes of awkward silence, Kira chirps, "So Zeke, let's leave.

But Zeke stayed still. "Kira, we're through. Like literally."

Then he turned and walked in my house. Croy did the same, pulling me behind. And I felt scared sort of. But no… I couldn't. What? Ugh, now scared and confused.

Croy shut the door behind me and grinned. Zeke high-five him. "Wow, only lasted 2 days Zeke, impressive. Fastest break up you've ever done!"

Zeke laughed and hugged me. "Sorry Ri, Croy and me have our bets. If she lasts for more than a week then I owe him 5 bucks, less, than the other way around, but we have limits and stuff so-"

"Wait, what? This is what you guys do? What are you Zeke, a playboy?" then I burst out laughing. And Zeke and Croy joined, "Sure Ri, sure." Zeke said, teasingly.

"Ahem." I turned to see a kid who looked like Colby a little. But he was slightly taller, with dark looks. He had fluffed brown hair, with navy eyes and tanned skin. He looked annoyed at us.

"Oh! Hi, you must be my step brother-"

"I'm Jax, now bye. My dad made me introduce me."

I nodded and frowned. "Oh, I thought you were with your girl friend, that's what Colby told me so-"

"Yeah whatever, I said bye."

A little rude maybe? Ugh, I now see why Colby had such a hard time talking about him, I mean, who would want to talk about him? I watched Jax walk away, his foot steps getting quieter and quieter…

"Ugh, rude much? How was Colby?" Zeke said, shaking his head.

I turned to Zeke and sighed. "Living with these guys is gunna be hard… Bleh, sooo not ready for two siblings. And this guy, Brian, couldn't even had girls! I mean, two boys!"

"I'm sorry, but I guess having all boys is just me. But a daughter would be nice…"

I turned to see the one and only Brian Shelby. Whoa, I can totally see how my mom fell for him. His deeply tanned skin and those piercing blue eyes made my insides happy. He had soft dark hair and a warm smile. He held out his arms and said, "Welcome Riley." Then he hugged me warmly, and I felt as if Brian really loved me.

I introduced Croy And Zeke to him.

"The blond is Croy Adams, and the other is Zeke Marsins." They both waved awkwardly as Brian smiled again.

Dinner, ahhh, I just love love love that word. I mean, who doesn't? The smell, the family… oh yeah, shit, Jax. That stupid ass hole.

I was hanging with Colby, in the garage playing ping pong, when he comes up and says, "Colby, what the fuck? You don't hang with the shit. Out." Then Jax glares at me and mutters stuff about tacos. Yeah…. I know.

Colby, so fucking adorable, says, "Oh, ummm right." And when Jax stalks off, Colby smiles at me sadly. He looks cute with his gray skinny jeans and black ACDC shirt. Damn, if only Jax were as nice as him.

But noooo, Jax is the devils son. Wait… no, Brians nice. Jax is the devils apprentice.

So, all during dinner, Jax shoots me glares. I feel like he's gunna kill me. Literally. But the thing is, I would kill him, if he wasn't my… ugh brother now. God forbid.

But while I eat my steak, can he just stop glaring at me?

"Ummm, what's you're problem Jax?" I kick him.

Brian gives him a nudge. Jax rolls his eyes and says, "I'm after your steak."

What the fuck? You know what, I'm not going to even ask.

A stupid(random) IM session:

RileySmiley- Riley

Cadams- Croy

Zekester- Zeke

Zekester: I don't rlly like ur step bro, jax or whatev his fuck name is

Cadams: Yah wht a fucked up kid

RileySmiley: I kno wht u mean, hes as bitchy as a girl!

Cadams: lol bburrrrn

RileySmiley: lol I kno

Zekester: he needs sum chill pills

RileySmiley: mayb he could brrow urs J

Cadams: lol bburrrn

Cadams: wtf Lam I only here to say "lol burrrn?"

Zekester: Hell ye, tht s why we hve u my brother

RileySmiley: Lol BURN! Lol duble burn!

Cadams: u stole my line u mutha fukin bitch! J