"There, there, it's ok…" a farmer cooed to the creature he was about to kill for his dinner. It was cowering, terrified, in a corner of the barn, as perfectly aware of its imminent demise.

"It's ok, it'll be over soon…" he said softly, and lunged for the cornered creature. It gave a squeal of pain as its head hit the wooden wall with a crack. The old farmer wrapped his arms around the struggling creature, whispering calming words to it softly. He restrained the creature's limbs with his large, calloused hands. It whimpered and struggled, trying to escape from his strong grip.

He made his way over to the bloodstained table where he slaughtered the creatures for his dinner. By this time the little animal was almost screaming, twisting madly, this way and that, trying to conquer its unavoidable fate. The farmer slammed it onto the table on its side and held it down with 3 large, leather straps. The creature could barely move, yet this seemed to make it even more determined, as it was putting all of its remaining energy into straining against its bonds. The farmer ducked under the wooden table, and when he stood up, he had a large meat cleaver in his hand. The creature's eyes dilated suddenly in terror.

"Shh…it'll all be over soon…" he said softly over the creature's deafening squeals. He placed the knife on the creature's belly, then slashed. It let out one last shriek of pain and terror, then went limp. The farmer proceeded to cut off the useless limbs of the creature and gutted it, leaving the meat. After an hour or so, all that was left was the head.

The farmer stood back and looked into the young girl's empty, black eyes, and her delicate features, framed by golden curls. He raised the cleaver above his head, then swung down. Her head rolled off the table and onto the dirt floor. Blood seeped out of the stump where the head used to be, and dripped slowly off the wooden table.

He picked her decapitated head up off the floor and stroked her hair, which was now matted with dirt and blood.

"See sweetie?" he said softly, almost lovingly, "I told you it would be all over soon. The end wasn't so far off was it? Well, goodnight then dear, it's time for my dinner."

With that, he opened a large bin near the table, halfway full with dozens of other disembodied heads, dead eyes staring at the ceiling. He placed her head carefully in the bin, then closed it back up.

He turned to the body, blood oozing out of the five stumps that were once her arms, legs, and head, staining her white, lacy dress a deep crimson. He lifted the limp mass and turned to exit the barn.

"I'm starving," he whispered to the corpse.