Allison grew up in an abusive household. She never had friends or good grades. One day, she decidesd she was tired of It all.

The hum of the air conditioner overpowered her sarcastic mumbles.

"What did you say?" The intimidating voice that belonged to her mom screamed. Allie walked away from her mother, tired of her constant accusations.

"I didn't say anything, Heather," Allie said, emphasizing her mother's real name.

"Don't get smart with me! You will regret it; there's no doubt in that." Her mom followed her into her room, eyes wide with rage and frustration. She stepped forward and pulled her hand back, as if to strike Allie.

"You will not hit me again. I spoke to my dad about it; if you so much as threaten me again, I will call the cops," Allie flared. She knew that the cops would do nothing; they never had. She didn't care. Her mother backed up a little, regret flashed through her eyes. It was quickly replaced by fury. "You know John will be home soon. If you hit me, he will see it." John was her step-dad; he had never seen Heather hit Allie; Allison had endured many beatings from her mother.

She was going on sixteen, and she had more confidence than she did when she was younger. She wasn't as frightened of her mother anymore. A slight sting on her cheek brought her back from her thoughts. She touched her cheek gingerly, feeling the welt from her mother's blow. She didn't care. Her mother walked out of the room, obviously proud of her audacity.

Allison often wore complete black clothing. She always wore long-sleeved shirts, for she cut herself. Her mother saw and didn't care. Her step father pretended not to see. She never had a boyfriend and barely had any friends. The few friends she had didn't know anything about her.

For weeks, she had been planning this.

She had three bags packed: one with clothes, one with childhood memories, and one with miscellaneous junk she may need. She only had three hundred dollars; enough to last for a while. She knew it would be hard, but she recognized it would be easier than staying with her Mother and her husband.

She sat in her room for two or three hours, building up the confidence to make today the day. With one final sigh, she went to the kitchen to get some food. After eating and gathering up enough food for a couple of days, she collected her three bags and left. She had no idea where she was going; she just walked.

A/N: Sorry it's so short. I'm writing it as I ride down the road to get my step-brother. Hope it's ok…