I own everything written in this poem; using this without permission or claiming this as your own is plagiarism and, as I understand it, a copyright violation.

When I see you,
It's like seeing a wide-eyed puppy,
All cute and lonely and sad
Until you see me too, and your eyes light up
And my insides feel all warm and I'm suddenly lighter than air.

When I hear you,
It's like hearing the chimes of the ice-cream truck from the first street I lived on.
With the sound, a jolt of electricity and anticipation shudders up my spine
And I run to meet you without an ounce of hesitation.

When I touch you,
It's like running my hands along black velvet:
So soft that I know my hands can't understand it,
So I rub it on my cheek instead, to get closer.

When I smell you,
It's like burying my face in my baby blanket.
You smell like home and love and something else I can't put into words
But I know it's wonderful.

When I taste you,
It's like a mouthful of dark chocolate
(which you of all people know is one of the highest compliments I can give):
Smooth and rich and I savor it as much as I can,
Even though I know there's so much left that I can stuff myself until I can't take any more.