As if my day hadn't been bad enough.

All I asked for was to finish work quickly and then go see that new movie with my friends. It was Friday and I just wanted to relax before my busy weekend. See, my job as a lawyer requires me to work all the time. I don't know what was going through my head the minute I stepped through the doors of Harvard Law School, prepared to make my mark on the world. It's pretty much impossible for me to take a break because I always have someone coming to me, either to seek help or to just be a pain in the butt. But, come on, everyone needs a break every once in a while and, well, it pays the bills.

Imagine my enjoyment when as I was walking to the movie theatre, it started to rain. Fat, wet droplets clung to my face as I plunged ahead, desperately regretting the fact that I hadn't called for a taxi.

Finally I arrived at my destination, quickly hurrying inside and out of the pouring rain. After purchasing my ticket, I sat idly at a nearby table waiting for my friends while examining my surroundings. The theater looked just like any other typical movie theatre, the arcade area filled with mindless teenagers challenging each other to Dance Dance Revolution or focusing on destroying the zombies in one of those shooting games. The cashiers at the concession stand were clearly falling asleep on their feet, some already asleep with their elbows up on the counter, faces resting on the palms of their upturned hands. There were also many parents with their children, debating on whether or not they should allow their hyper-active kids consume even more sugary, over-priced goods.

As I was looking around, I noticed a handsome young man in a leather jacket having a long—and by the looks of it, disappointed—discussion with the cashier. He was waving his arms around and didn't seem very happy. That was when I saw a small glint of silver flash in his hand. At first glance, I thought nothing of it. Cautiously, I glanced down at my left wrist, hoping to a higher power that the bracelet was still safely clasped on my wrist. Much to my dismay, I found that I must have dropped the bracelet when I was paying for my ticket because it was not on my wrist.

I looked again at the man and I noticed that the item he was holding resembled that of my diamond bracelet. The bracelet was a family heirloom and I could tell it apart from others because of the engraving on the inside of it and because of the slight chip on the ruby in the middle. The engraving was what made the bracelet special to my family in the first place. It was something my grandpa had written for my grandma. "Love you with all my heart" basically described their relationship. It was very sweet and special to me and I couldn't bear to lose it.

With that last thought, I immediately stood up and headed towards the man. The closer I got to him, the more I was able to recognize that the bracelet was indeed my very own diamond bracelet. I turned to voice my thoughts to the man, but my voice caught in my throat. The man turned to look at me, his sapphire-blue eyes regarding me curiously while his black hair flopped annoyingly in his face. He seemed to stand at 6'0" and had broad shoulders and a strong build.

Just as I opened my mouth to talk to the man, a rather loud shriek caught my attention, other people also turning to see what was going on. Of course, the shriek came from none other than the loud and boisterous voices of my friends.

"CLAIRE!" they shrieked, running over to me and pulling me into a tight hug.

The shortest person of our group, Amanda was an auburn-haired beauty who managed the small corner café which I frequently visited. We had been best friends for years and I had learned that she had bigger dreams than those which could be brought to her from her small and quaint coffee shop. She had gone to university and was about to get her degree in English Lit but had freaked out at the last minute and decided that cooking—or more specifically, baking—was a better life choice for her. Although she never followed through with her academic career, she still wrote poetry on the side.

Monique, the vegan activist was a smart, outgoing and all-around great person. She was someone who knew how to have a good time, even if she was stuck in a room full of people she didn't know. With her mocha skin and sparkling blue eyes, she was the type of woman people would look twice at.

Christine, the tallest of all of us towered over us at 5'9". She was the tension-cutter of the group. She loved to crack jokes and cheer us up if we felt sad or unhappy.

Sam, the buxom red-head was the rationalist of our group. She was the one who brought us down from our mindless fantasies and forced us to face the harsh reality of life. She didn't believe in true love or love at first sight, dismissing them as "unrealistic stories created by people who refused o face the truth about my life". Many people didn't like her, as she was extremely blunt and honest. She was the type of person you get used to and she was an atheist, making it even harder for people to accept her.

I awkwardly embraced my friends, while attempting to glance over Christine's blond head at the man beside me. However, to my disappointment, the man had disappeared—along with my bracelet. Backing out of the embrace, I stepped aside and craned my neck, trying to look for the man. However, all I was able to see were young children, but no man in a leather jacket.

Turning to my friends, I plastered a smile onto my face and decided to forget about it and not let it ruin my evening, reminding myself that I was only able to have these relaxing times with my friends every once in a while.

We made our way into the theatre and continued to chat until the previews came on. Just as the movie was about to start, I excused myself to go to the bathroom while secretly hoping to see the man again and hurried along. Just as I was about to step out of the bathroom, someone collided into me.

"Whoa, hold on there." A deep voice chuckled.

Startled, I looked up. Staring down at me were a pair of deep blue eyes, a hint of amusement nestled in the centre of them. Quickly realizing who he was, I straightened and was about to demand my bracelet back from him. Just as I was about to open my mouth, I heard Sam calling for me and gesturing for me to hurry up. When I turned around, the man was gone. With one last glance at the man, I turned and followed my friend into the theatre.

I don't even think I knew what that movie was about, as all my thoughts were focused on that man. He was compelling and mysterious. I just couldn't figure out why it was so hard for me to ask for my bracelet back.

Why was it that every time I opened my mouth to ask for it I suddenly froze? Was it possible that I had a…a crush on him?

No, that's ridiculous. I couldn't possibly have a crush on that man—I didn't even know him! The bracelet meant more to me than that stupid man.

A sharp nudge from my side startled me out of my confusing thoughts. I turned to see Monique staring at me with a puzzled look on her face. I mouthed "tired" to her and she smiled, shaking her head at me and turning back to the movie.

Before I knew it, the movie had ended. I blinked and gathered my stuff, walking alongside my friends who were raving about how great and "romantic" the movie was. When they asked for my opinion, I simply smiled and nodded, agreeing with whatever they said. I checked my watch, noticing how late it was. Nervously, I pleated the end of my top between my fingers, hoping to see the man.

I almost jumped out of my skin when someone bumped into me from behind. I whipped around, only to see the person I had been looking for all night smirking at me.

"Who do you think you are? You stole my bracelet!" I pointed a finger at him while trying to glare at him.

"Look, I didn't even know it was yours. And I didn't steal it. I was asking the cashier if she knew whose it was. Although, I did start to assume the bracelet was yours when you came up to me the first time, though" He said, while holding up his hands innocently.

"Well, now that you know who it belongs to you can give it back" I replied, crossing my arms over my chest defiantly.

"Sure, but only if you'll go on a date with me…" He grinned. How dare he! The nerve of some people—I didn't even know this random person and instead of giving me back what's rightfully mine, he decides to play games with me?

"No, I will not go out with you because I don't know you at all—

"…Well, that's the whole point of a date, to get to know someone better—

"…and you might be some sort of stalker or schizophrenic and you might try to kill me!" I realized that I was going off on a bit of a rant, but unfortunately as soon as I started off on a rant, I could go on for hours.

He just blinked at me and gave me a blank stare.

Exasperated, I threw up my hands. "Okay, so maybe you won't kill me because that's a little extreme" (he scoffed at this) "But I really would like my bracelet back, so if you could just give it to me it would be greatly appreciated because it's ten o'clock at night and I'm really tired and I just want to go to sleep."

Finally, he handed over my bracelet. I stared down at it before looking up to thank him. But of course, he had disappeared again. I looked down at the item in my hand and noticed that there was a small yellow Post-it note attached to it. I unfolded it from the bracelet and opened it up to read what was written inside. It was the man's phone number. Sighing, I simply tucked the note into my pocket and clasped the bracelet onto my wrist.

I overheard my friends giggling beside me and then I realized that they had been standing there the entire time. I gave them a cold glare and suggested that we leave. As we left, I saw the mystery man standing near the exit by the arcade area watching a small child play. As I walked past him, we locked eyes and he nodded silently at me. I stopped and found a scrap of paper in my purse, on which I quickly scribbled down my own phone number but didn't write my name. Smiling to myself, I dropped the scrap on the ground near the door. I looked back only to see the man picking it up, the sides of his mouth turned up in a smile.

I winked at him. Two could play at this game and this was just the beginning…