You don't need to know my name.

You don't need to know what I look like.

You don't need to know my likes and dislikes.

You don't need to know where I came from or who my parents are.

None of that matters.

All you need to know is:


You wake up in the middle of a large grassy clearing. At the edge of the clearing, it looks as if the trees are woven together. The browns and greens look beautiful in the breaking dawn. You roll over onto your stomach and dew moistens your shirt. You look yourself up and down. You have camouflage pants, a plain black shirt, combat boots, and a utility belt. You don't remember how you got here, but it looks familiar. You get up and wander around the edge of the clearing. You examine how the trees branches weave a pattern that continues around. You follow it, brushing your fingertips along the pattern.

There is a missed link in the pattern.

You put your index finger into the space where the link should've been, examining.

You wake up in the same spot in the clearing. 'What just happened?' You ask yourself, 'I was just standing over there.' You get up again and walk over to where the pattern broke. 'But there was a white flower here.' You look around the edge of the clearing at the pattern and see that there are exactly 12 evenly spaced missing links. Is it a game? Your mind races. You don't even remember who you are. You want to get out, but don't know how. You can't climb the trees, too smooth. Maybe the missing links have something to do with it. You have an idea. You gather up some twigs from the edge of the clearing. 12 to be exact. You go back to where the pattern broke, examined how the pattern weaved and placed a twig in the same pattern. You step back as the twig you placed looks as if it were melting into its surrounding branches. That worked. 11 more times now.

You were surprised when the trees, as if on tracks, separated into a forest. No longer trapped, you wander into the welcoming forest.

You've been wandering for hours. You've gotten back to the clearing 5 times. It's about 12:00. The sun is directly overhead, but it seems as if it's not giving off any heat. You can see your breath if you sigh, or exhale fast. Your throat burns slightly when you take a deep breath. Your toes are a bit frosty, but if you sit a while and wiggle them, they'll be fine for a while. You come across the clearing again. You take a rest in the patch of grass you woke up on. Instinct has gotten you nowhere. Time to use your smarts. You remember in which position you were lying by the placement of various flowers and flattened grass. You lie in that position and look at the sun. It had moved toward your right side. The sun sets in the west, so that must be west. And your left side must be east. You get up and walk to the edge of the forest and pick up a twig. You go back to the center, and stick the twig in the ground. You dig up the dirt facing west and draw a 'w', then do the same on the east side. There is a shadow. It's pointing to 12:00. North you mark with a 'n' and south as an's'. You have a compass now. You head back into the forest going west. After a couple of minutes, you come across the clearing again. But this time, there is no compass in the center. It dawns on you that these are all different clearings. Instead of heading back into the forest, you walk to the center of the clearing. You draw a giant '1' in the dirt. You're going to see how many clearings there are. You walk on.

You conclude that there are 4 clearings. Maybe there is another person per clearing. You explore some more. You're getting pretty hungry and thirsty.