Dark ways are yours and light are mine

Create a dawn and destroy the night

Then we can be made of you and I

For reasons unknown, I've changed my mind

These words can be spoken by any alive

To forge a friendship as long as a life

I speak the truth only when I must

For personal gain, I gain your trust.

Shards of glass prick my feet

From a shattered world that used to be

A new one shall be made out for me

Of the pieces of lifeā€”the many faces of me

Rearranged but still the same,

Out of the fire the crystal came.

Time to think about wrongs I've done

To friends who made the fire strong.

No longer glass, it's harder to break

But to say it's perfect is a mistake.

The blood is dried, the feet are clean,

Another chance is given me.

Still chipped away, my pride is hurt

And covered are the clean with dirt.

Will the cycle ever end?

Begin anew and you'll start it again.

Night becomes a morning soon

And early light dims the moon.

So they cycle starts again

And nothing's new from start to end.

I can babble on and on

About the rain and sun

But what would it do to stop the tide of

Dawn, Morning, Noon and Night?