This was the prologue to a story I couldn't be bothered to write. I thought it was a cool concept.


If there's anything I've learned in my life, it's death.

That's the human purpose, isn't it? We live to die. The minute we're born a timer starts inside of us. It has no fixed end; no alarm that will sound the moment we die. It ticks the moments by until we're finished. Done. Dead. And the meaning of life is to mean something. To pack as much purposeful time into those minutes. Those hours, days, years. Or seconds.

But what if we could stop the clock? What if we could find a way to shut off the timer? Not to end our time, but to allow ourselves eternity?

The timer stops with a number, counting the moments that a being has been alive. It starts at the moment of conception and shows how long we last, how long we live. Our durability. But what if that timer had no numbers on it? What if we found a way to press a button and bring it back down to zero? To bring it to zero and keep it that way.

What if we found a way to live forever?