"We belong like this." He panted, gripping for the railing that was slipping away from him. "We belong together."

She tried to nod, but she couldn't move her neck. Her hands pressed tighter to the bloodsoaked t-shirt that was waded up against her throat. Her voice was lost, slashed away from her. Air came in accompanied by the thick wet sound of blood filling her lungs.

He reached for her again and screamed when it moved the knife lodged into his abdomen. She tried to grab his hand again with the last of her strength. She missed.

"I love you!" He shouted, reaching again. Not to safe himself, but to hold her hand one last time. She stood up, leaving a thick pool of blood on the wet pavement.

He kicked his legs, trying to climb something that wasn't there. One of his shoes slipped away and fell 500 meters to the foaming rapids below. She tried to speak again. A wet clicking noise escaped her throat. The hair on the back of his neck stood up. She reached to him, dropping her tournaquet and spilling blood on his face. He took her hands.

It was there.

They could feel It.

With tears in her eyes, she tried to speak for one last time.

"I-I-I lovvve yyyou." She choked.

She swung her leg over the handrail and they both jumped off of the bridge as It lunged for them.

Their arms wrapped around each other and their lips met before they hit the water.

It grinned and laughed with sick pleasure. It's job was done.