Two long, slender fingers press the button.

A young girl by the doors, working, doing her best to make sure they made no sound, lifted her eyes to him and gave him a wry smile.

"Open," a voice says softly.

"Aperto." An old man smiling down at him, his tanned features wrinkled and worn, but his nearly black eyes dancing.

Step, step, step. Fancy black shoes cross a linoleum floor.

"I don't want to go back there." A red haired boy sobbing into a nice black jacket. "I don't want to be theirs again."

A pause. Papers shuffle away, some picked up and put into a briefcase.

"Why, figlio?" a woman begging, clinging to his jacket and staring into his eyes. "Why?"

Indrawn breath, and a hand slowly puts the files away.

"Mio figlio," whispers the woman, "Ottavio CasaGrande."


The man turns. He is tall, with black hair, dark eyes and aristocratic features. His clothes, a black jacket, slacks, and a white collared shirt, are finely made, and his elegantly arched black brows are lifted. He stands by a drawer in a room filled with files, lit starkly by fluorescents, one that he knows like the back of his own hand.

"Che cosa volete?" he asks smoothly. What do you want? The other does not answer. He takes a step forward, and the other, a step back.

"Che cosa sei?"the other asks. The man takes another step forward.

"Io sono l'uomo." I am man. He steps forward, and the other steps back, like a ritual dance. "Sono mostro." I am monster. Another step from both men. "Sono traditore." I am traitor. Step. A moment of silence.

"Sono morte."

A gun shot. The other crumbles, and the man watches silently.

I am death.

A slender hand plucks files from the open drawer, and picks up a briefcase. Black shoes cross the linoleum, and a voice, tinged with an Italian accent, whispers, "Open." Two fingers press the button on the wall.

Ottavio CasaGrande leaves. And the floor he crossed is covered in blood.

M'kay. I admit, this was a little strange, even for This is based off of my role play character Ottavio-a character who's basically despised by all who meet him. I personally find him intriguing, so this is...sort of a piece to show something of his history. Hope you enjoyed...and if you didn't...hey, 'twas short.^^

Corrections in the Italian would be greeaat.