Every word chosen carefully,

and the pen I used was picked especially.

The sheets of paper, there were too many.

Made sure it was perfect, just for you honey.

Only because you meant so much,

I assumed you loved it, just a hunch.

Folded, so you could cherish it forever.

Did I ever think we would end? Never.

Their was no speaking for so long,

but I didn't know, you knew that u were wrong.

When you decided to talk,

it was like I could barley walk.

And it was my note that made you think,

that alone made my knees feel weak.

Although I was feeling more at ease,

I have to keep saying, you're still a sleaze.

I wonder now if that note is still around.

I wish you would throw it out or leave it on the ground.

Maybe you have, I guess I'll never know.

I just need some time, so that I can grow.

I'm over it, completely done.

I just wish you would have left me alone hun.