I dreamt of Dragons and Sharks,

Dancing together, courting each other,

In turquoise waters.

I dreamt of red stained-glass buildings,

Towering up to the blood red sky,

With a cherry red sun.

I dreamt of a forest canopy,

Looking down as the light touched the leaves,

Pierced through them casting spells of golden green.

I dreamt of jumping up, up and up,

From buildings, ledge to ledge,

Higher and higher until I soared with the birds in azure skies.

I dreamt of saving a life,

But unwittingly exchanging one death for another,

Returning to a bloodstained house and crying.

I dreamt of running outside,

Seeing the sunset fill the sky and hit the earth,

Turning everything a soft grainy gold.

I dreamt of a beautiful setting,

Pieced together from the places I knew as a child,

Familiar yet unknown.

I dreamt of a fountain,

Rectangle shaped and raised upon steps,

Fishes swam in the waters surrounded by black marble.

I dreamt of Mermaids in the pool,

Chorine waters a brilliant blue,

Underneath a cloudless summer sky.

I dreamt of being trapped in a concrete house,

As vines grew and swelled from cracks in the ground,

Lashing out to snare me.

I woke up and I remembered,

Greens and blues and gold,

Grey and red and black.