It was quite a strange-looking rock, I decided as I stopped the mower. I had not wanted it to be caught in the blades for fear the mower would break, even though I was not a fan of cutting the grass on a muggy day like that one. I bent down to pick up the rock, but before I could touch it, it jumped. I was quite shocked as the "rock" returned to the ground and turned itself so that it was looking at me. I changed my original view of it - it was quite a small frog.

"Get back, Sorceress! I know not what that foul demon is, but I intend to fight it - and you - to the death!"

It took me a while to register that the disembodied tenor that had spoken was, indeed, the little frog in front of me. Struck dumb by the situation, I stuttered until I found the right words to use: "E-excuse me?"

"Don't play dumb with me, Witch. I saw you weilding that - thing. It is quite obvious that you conjured it," said the frog, glaring at me and trying to stand on its hind legs. I blinked.

"It's a lawn mower," I replied stupidly. What was this frog talking about? Heck, why was the frog talking to begin with? "You should be thanking me," I stated, "since it would have killed you if I hadn't stopped it."

The frog rolled his eyes, then declared, "I thank you, my lady, for saving my life," while attempting some sort of bow.

I rubbed the back of my neck with my left hand. "I haven't heard anyone call anyone 'my lady' since 'Camelot.'"

Immediately, the frog perked up. "Camelot? You remember it, then?"

I held back a snort. "Of course. It was freshman year and Gwen convinced me to try out - we both made chorus, even though she wanted to be Guinevere and thought I would be Morgan because of the name similarities - and our Arthur was in love with her, I swear -"

The frog interrupted me. "Then you must be Morgana, if you know of my still-undying affection for dear Guinevere. I order you to remove this curse at once and let me return to my kingdom!"

The snort I had been trying to contain escaped as I nearly doubled over in laughter. This was just too funny! "So what you're saying is – you're trying to tell me – you think that you're actually –"

"King Arthur Pendragon, the Once and Future King," stated the frog, "at your service."