The humid night is filled with anguish, consoled only by the occasional wispy breeze perusing the ground for the tenderest bend in each blade of grass. Lil's mood is in sync with the rhythm of this night. Her anxiety builds to an unbearable degree, and then his hand glides across the curve of her neck, melting all the tension once again. She can feel herself let go of restraint and give into the impossible situation at hand. Lil's eyes are closed, if she can't see who he is, or where she is at, maybe, just maybe she can enjoy the momentary peacefulness without guilt. The ebbing breeze allows the thickness of the air to build again, as his arm reaches around her waist pulling her in closer, breath heavy and hot on her shoulder. His other hand reaches up gliding past the nape of her neck to the back of her head grasping the roots of her hair and gently tugging then massaging. Her parted lips allow a gasp to escape her mouth. Her sensual weakness has been betrayed by the response; again he pulls her in closer. Lil can feel his lips touch her hair line; his breath tickling and alluring simultaneously. The tightness builds again, her chest begins to ache. Her heart is beating so rapidly, her lips quivering, she knows this must stop. Again he caresses her neck, gently guiding wandering hairs back behind her ears. Calmness ensues; her body goes limp in his hold. A dissolute indulgence in sensual pleasure overcomes. She is no longer here in this place, he is no longer who he is, and she is simply at peace in his arms. His lips tease her skin, and then firmly press down. Deviating from all they have known to be right and true, she allows it to continue and he goes on. Closeness incomparable to any either has known is the result. Only after the fact does the complicity of the nights events actually set in. Lil wonders how one can feel so horribly over something as innocuous as a kiss. Should it be possible for calming comfort to be deviant?

She sighs as she knows she may never feel that comfort again in her life, with him or anyone else.