I was actually so nervous while I drove to, potentially my death. Surely they'll check up on me, well of course they would, I'd be worried if they didn't. But maybe Paul will stick to his word and not say anything. I mean it wasn't like I touched any students inappropriately against their consent. It's not like I'm a sexual predator. As I drove closer to the school, all I could do was pray. I met Siobhan's sister and I have to say there must be something in the water down here because wow, she was an older version of Siobhan, I'd say early 40's but I wouldn't kick her out of bed. Anyway, back to the interview. She wore this tight shirt and I swear she wasn't wearing a bra just to distract me because her nipples were just staring at me. She also had this tight pencil skirt, dark wavy hair and a pair of designer glasses sitting on top of her head. She asked me the usual, what I got in my Leaving Cert, where I went to college, what I studied, what secondary school's I worked in. It was weird, I felt more comfortable with this interview than I did for the one at the restaurant… And then she got to the question I dreaded and one I honestly did not know how to answer. Reason for leaving last job? I hesitated slightly and broke eye contact. "Em…I was let go."

"O I'm so sorry. That's disgraceful!" she protested.

"I know." I nodded in agreement even though it was a blatant lie.

"Well that's all I need to know right now Gerry, we'll let you know in due course."

"Ok" I said breathing in deeply and trying to relax.

"You can relax you did fine…" he leaned into me and whispered "I think it's safe to say your chances are pretty good." she smiled.

She did not want to know that I just got an eyeful of what was down her shirt. But then what she said registered with me and suddenly I was very hopeful that I was going to get this job. Imagine that, I would be doing what I loved again. Sounds fantastic. But I'd have to wait. I drove to the supermarket and got some much needed shopping. I got home at about 1 o' clock and when I stepped in, I saw that Circe's school blazer was still there, she didn't go to school this morning. I carried the shopping in and dropped it in the kitchen. I began unpacking it when the door opened behind me. It was some kid in a pair of boxers who went as white as a ghost when he saw me.

"O sorry." he mumbled. "I just wanted to get a drink."

"Who the fuck are you?" I said surprised at his reluctance to tell me who he was and what the fuck was he doing in my home.

"I'm Jessie, I'm a friend of Circe's."

This kid was nothing to look at, he was about my height, skinny with short, wavy brown hair.

"A friend?" I questioned further. At that he blushed but didn't say anything.

"So you must be Gerry." he finally said.

"Yea so Circe mentioned me?"

"Yea well she used to always talk about you."

"What did she say?"

"That you were one of her really good friends and then when you let her move in, she was so happy grateful and is always saying how much of a good guy you are."

This kid obviously didn't go to her school, thank fuck for that.

"So you know Circe long?"

"Yea, we go back years. We went to primary school together, then went to different secondary schools and I skipped ahead so I'm in college now and I found her on Facebook so we decided to meet up there about a year ago and we rekindled our friendship."

Wow this kid could talk.

"Ok, and now you're still just friends?"

"Well you're a guy you know yourself." he smiled expecting me to smile back but I didn't so the smile died on his face. "Circe has certainly changed, I mean…wow" he laughed nervously.

I was not impressed with that and I was just about to go through this Jessie kid when Circe walked in wearing my Star Trek t shirt.

"Gerry hey! I was wondering where you got to." she giggled to Jessie.

"I just met Gerry and we started talking."

"Hey Jess, why don't you go upstairs and I'll get you your drink." she said straddling him.

"Ok babes. It was nice meeting you Gerry."

I didn't say anything in return as he left and closed the door.

"What the fuck is this?"

"What?" she said walking past me pouring herself some water.

"Who the fuck is he?"

"A friend of mine, am I not allowed to have friends?"

"Not when it's obvious that you're fucking him!"

"Hey! Don't make assumptions like that! And so what if I am? It's not like I'm cheating." she said sipping her water.

I knew what she was doing.

"Fine, Jessie seems great I hope you two are very happy."

"Thank you." she said somewhat bitterly.

"So onto a different issue, why aren't you at school?"

"Jessie wasn't in college today so I thought we'd spend the day together."

"What about your exams?"

"It's one day."

"Yes, one day of school work you've lost, one day of study you've lost. It's one day closed to the start of the exams that will decide whether or not you go to college and do something with your life!"

"Whatever." she brushed off everything I had just said and left the room, back to Jessie.

I don't know what hurt more, Jessie or the fact that I know realised she no longer cared for what I said or what advice I gave her.

I sat playing xbox while I heard Circe giggling upstairs. I turned up the volume to drown her out but I could still hear it in my head. I suppose I would have to be ok with the Jessie thing. I mean, she's somewhat of a grown up and she should be able to do whatever she wants and it's not like he's a total stranger I mean she's known him since they were kids. And he seemed nice…I guess. Wouldn't be the type of guy I would have thought Circe would have went for but there's no account for taste. I couldn't just go up and kick Jessie out could I? Well I could, it is my house after all, but then Circe would be angry and I did tell her it was her house too. Gerry why do you get yourself into these situations? You are your own worst enemy at times. Then just as I was about to conquer the first of the Normandy beaches, I heard an all too familiar banging coming from upstairs and a soldier came out from one of the dunes and shot me right in the head. It got increasingly louder as GAME OVER flashed on my screen. I felt sick.