Ah – Love is still alive!
Something almost imperceptible
Slips in the back door –
Like a gentleman -
Love grows from resistance
The smallest feeling
Appears, but (hopefully) better than before.
Cast off the armor –
There is no safe love,
Only sane love –
True Love, Charity, is sanity.

Love is still alive!
What a beautiful revelation!
Breathe, glory, breathe!
Flourish! Grow! Proliferate! Live!
Under the coals of a dying fire,
There is still heat –
If provoked, if prodded, if stoked,
If enough of the right fuel is added,
A fire can again be kindled.

Love – oh, sweet love! – still alive!
There is still hope,
There is still hope!
My mind races, but cautiously,
"Trust, but verify".
And reason looks towards light,
Not at the darkness of false doubt –
Could it be?
Could this be – love?
Love! A friend long-lost, and found again!
And in even better health – I rejoice in your joy.
Love! Let me feel your warmth again -
I long to feel fire after such a friendless coldness.

Love – embrace me; permeate me; transcend me.
You're still alive.
I cannot love what I've created;
I can only love that which is Other,
So Other, so Not-Me, so completely Outside-of-Me
I can only be united to that which is Not-Already-Myself
Be absorbed into Someone-Else
To die to sin to find new life in Christ

Love – transcend my weakness
Love – create from the void within me
Love – Oh, sweet Love! - Be.