A/N: Herro! This is the rewritten version! Hope ye like it!


Boyfriends come and go, but best friends are forever.

Best friends pick you up when you're down.

Best friends do everything with you, including bubble baths together and writing songs about nothing in particular.

Best friends are more than acquainted with your family. They are family.

Best friends know everything about you. They know about the near obsessive crush you've harbored on a certain family member of theirs. They know that you sing yourself to sleep on nights when there are thunderstorms. And they definitely know that you're lactose intolerant, yet you eat cheese anyway because it's just too good.

Best friends can hurt you. They can hurt you in the worst way imaginable.

Best friends will love you. The love is so great sometimes, it helps one forget about the hurt in the first place.

Best friends are there when your own blood drives you away. They're there when you get called a whore by your own mother. They're there when your smashed father decides to take a swing at your pretty face. They're there when your siblings want nothing to do with you.

Bottom line is, they're there.

Best friends will never stray, will never betray.

Best friends will never lie, will never deceive.

Best friends will never hate, always love.

Best friends will never leave.

Boyfriends come and go, but best friends are forever.

What a load of shit.