She was sitting in the back of the class. No one dare sit around her with the vibes she was sending off. Something about her drew me to her and I knew that that was a bad thing. The teachers had warned us not to talk to her, not even a word. That seemed strange to me.

She was just another student in a large school. We were all here for one thing, to socialize. No one really cared about learning. That didn't seem to be the case with her. The moment she stepped foot on campus she isolated herself from everyone and everything we wanted. It just drew my attention to her more.

The school had developed a completely different set of rules for her. She didn't have to do her work, take notes, or even pay attention in class. If she got up and walked out the teachers would simply nod their heads and let her go. They didn't even call her name during roll.

Just looking at her I could tell something was wrong, she wasn't completely sane. At least that's the way they were trying to play it off by telling us to leave her alone. The teachers seemed to have made one major mistake in their plan. By telling us not to talk to her they had convinced me that I must do the exact opposite. I couldn't control the urge to defy dictation, it was just in my nature.

She was sitting in the back of the classroom hunched over her desk, her long chestnut hair falling over her face. Her jeans were very dark and she wore a black jacket, making it appear as if she were going to a funeral. When she finally looked up at me I saw that her eyes were a lifeless hazel color.


People always asked me why I was still here, why I didn't just pick up and leave. I could go someplace new and get a second chance to start over. That's when I tell them, if I do speak, that they would never understand why this is the only place I will ever be able to live.

Lately I haven't done much talking though. The only person I really talk to is Kenny and he's my horse. When I'm riding I get this clarity in my mind and I can forget about all the bad things and just remember the good. It's the closest thing I will ever have to when they were still alive. The closest thing I'll ever have to before.

When I started at this new school they said that they would talk to everyone about leaving me alone. I could tell that there was trouble in the air when some kid kept staring at me. As I looked up to find the perpetrator I was met with a pair of dark blue eyes boring into my own. His hair was dirty blonde cut surfer style.

The bell rang and I jumped up grabbing my purse and heading for the door. Just as I was leaving I heard "Mr. Mason May I speak with you for a moment?"


I silently cursed myself as Mr. Hoplin berated me for not paying attention in his class. He was ruining my chances to talk to her and I was growing very frustrated. When he finally let me go I practically ran down the hall my eyes searching for her. I slowed as I caught sight of her, leaning against a locker searching through her purse.

Slowly I made my way towards her. "Hi" I said. She looked up at me for the briefest second and our eyes locked. Then, her hands found what she had been searching for and she pulled out her car keys. Quickly she turned and walked away out the door to the parking lot.

She left me standing there like an idiot. I didn't know what to think about her. It didn't take long for me to recover and go find my friends.


I don't know what came over me in there but I had to get out. It was like someone was sitting on my chest, I couldn't breathe. He had the audacity to speak to me, to actually speak. Who did he think he was?