Beth White was a peculiar girl. For instance: her favorite colour was a particular shade of green that could only be compared to split pea soup. Now this alone would not have been so peculiar, no, it was the fact that it was the only colour she was willing to wear that made things difficult.

This was one of Beth's many, shall we say, unusual personality traits. Beth hadn't always been like this, in fact at one point she was one of the most normal girls you cold imagine meeting, in fact, she had been down right mediocre. This hadn't begun until about a year and a half prior when her mother first fell ill, and it certainly came to it's worst around six moths before this story begins, when her mother died.

Beth's full name was Elizabeth but her mother was the only one who had ever called her that. After her mother died anyone who even attempted to call her that would have had their head bitten off. For a while Beth had tried going by Lizzie but she found it far too cute. When people imagine a Lizzie they Imagine a petite blond with highlights, Beth also imagined, for some reason, that being called Lizzie might cause people to think she giggled. Beth didn't giggle…ever, and pretty though Beth was, if she were blond she probably would have been forced to put herself out of her misery.

It wasn't that she had something against blonds, her best friend was blond, it was just that she didn't think she could ever be blond. And cute, well that she did have a problem with. Raised to be strong and think for herself, she could not stand for girls who allowed their big bad football player of a boyfriend to but words in their mouth and form opinions on their behalves. She didn't like kitten posters or tool either. Cute, as you may have gathered, was not very high on Beth's "to be" list.

So when Beth went to live with her aunt and the quarter back at her new school took an interest in her, it made her absolutely miserable. She finally decided that their was no bright side when the schools biggest mlut called her a whore and Mr. Hunky football player decided to defend her honour, by punching the guy in the nose.

Beth begged her aunt to move them to India or France or better yet Pluto! However her aunt flat out refused stating only, "You should feel flattered, having a boy defend you like…"

Beth cut in before she could finish, "But I'm not!" she knew before long her aunt would start a sentence with the words "When I was your age," so she stopped the conversation by leaving the room. Beth was already planning to reproach the subject in two weeks on Columbus day weekend. By then her aunt would be, without a doubt(or with only a little doubt) more relaxed.

When she finally did bring it up again her aunt paused and eventually said, "there is one option I'm prepared to entertain,"

".Gosh, yes anything" Beth cried out giddy with a glee that was, at the very least, indescribable. Then again, she was yet to be made aware of what the option entailed. Though honestly, as far as she was concerned it would have made little difference if her aunt had wanted to send her to Sudan because anything was better then hell(she thought of the current situation as nothing less).

Of course she never imagined that her suggestions of being relocated to various continents were being taken seriously until her aunt continued. When she did, Beth was taken very far off guard, "If you would like, your sister has agreed to let you stay with her in Ireland whilst you finish high school."

Though the suggestion seemed to Beth like a joke at first she only took a second to realize that her aunt was serious, and it took but one more second for her to make her decision, "yes, yes, I'll go!" she nearly cried when she realized that this was for real. After all if she was going to escape, Ireland would be as good if not a better place then any.

It was time for a new adventure, and perhaps, a little rain to wash away her regrets, after all, wasn't it supposed to rain a lot in Ireland?