Your DNA is a secret code

a hidden message meant for my eyes only,
unscrambled as soon as I saw you
and no one else can see what I do.

My genes are a letter
I wrote to you in advance,
so even when I can't speak the words
you will see the truth in my eyes.

And when you touch me
you will feel the way we're made
like treasure maps;

when we link our fingers in little x's
it marks the spot I'm meant to be -
hand in hand with you.

Darling, if all of evolution was made
Solely for your soul and mine
to follow pathways of nitrogenous base
brick roads
until we finally combine,
it would make perfect sense to me.

Because you are all the justification I
will ever need.

We talk about science and
make fun of religion,
but you're the kind of boy who could make me
believe in god again:

it's just hard to accept that
someone like you
could be an accident.